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Nothin' fake about Drake; you really dig this boy. You've told us in all your "Drake Bell is super-hot!" e-mails. So happy Valentine's Day from us to you....

He's cute, he's funny and, OMG, he plays guitar! But, mostly, he's genuine. He called us from his L.A. home, and being on the phone with Drake, 19, is like chatting with an old friend. You never feel like he's dishing out bologna or canned ham. What we're trying to say is ... he's for real.

Of course, you tune in to Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh. And you probably swooned over him when you and the crew went to see Yours, Mine & Ours on movie night. And if you're a real diehard Drake aficionado, you spin his new CD Telegraph on a daily basis. But all that buzz about Drake being cast opposite Raven in Ali-American Girl? Bogus! Drake told us so because, like we said, he's the real deal.

GL: What was it like for you to make the move from TV-acting to movie-star status? Drake Bell: I like acting in my show--I am in every scene and have a lot to do, so it is fun. But, with film, I got to relax a little bit more, hang out in my trailer.

Did you get along well with the other Y, M & 0 cast members? Oh, we all bonded like real brothers and sisters. Little Nicholas [Roger-King], who played Aldo, my little brether--he's been in town recently, and we met up to play video games for four hours at Universal City Walk. And he came to the [Drake & Josh] set twice. I just went to the movies last night with Katija [Pevee], who played my sister. And my friend Dean [Collins]--we all still hang, and we all vibe really well together.

Wow, so all 18 of you clicked? Yeah, even though in the movie we were very different, in real life, we all get along really well. It's really cool. Since we had so much down time, there was always someone in the trailer, wanting to play or something. It was cool working with Miranda [Cosgrove] from my show ... so I haven't gotten away from my little sister for about two years now!

There's info floating around that you're filming another movie. All-American Girl? That's a fabrication. I don't know who put that out there, but I am not doing a movie called All-American Girl. I mean, I'd like to, but ... that's a rumor.

Do you still live at home with the folks? I live by myself, not with my parents. My mom is a two-time world champion pro billiards player. She got accepted into the Hall of Fame last year.

Ah, you must be a pretty good shot. I don't play pool. It's a game that can take you in the wrong direction, so my mom kinda kept us away from the table. She didn't really teach us anything. I grew up with a pool table in my house, but I never took a shining to it. I was always playing guitar or drums and stuff.

So you've always been into music? I started playing guitar when I was 12 and did a movie with Roger Daltrey from The Who. I've always been in love with older music. I love all the old bands.

Girls love guys who play guitar. Do you have a GF? Negative. Are you looking for a girlfriend? Am I looking for a girlfriend? Oh, I don't know. If something comes up, I suppose.

What's your image of the ideal girl? Someone cool, hip, fun to hang with. Likes music and is cultured. Enjoys the films I like.

If MTV were to feature your pad on Cribs, what would we see? It looks like Howard Hughes meets the '60s and '70s. The couches and tables are very "Bogart Collection," 1940s-looking. Like, I'm talking to you on a rotary telephone. I have Beatles posters I've collected throughout the years, right out of the vinyl, the actual albums, and I have them framed. A Rolling Stones poster. I have a record player that looks like it's from I Love Lucy in the corner. And my dining room table is actually from the '50s. Very retro.

Is there any celeb you would love to meet but haven't? Paul McCartney. I saw him recently and cried during the entire show. If I ever met Paul McCartney, I'd wet myself and faint.

Who are your acting role models? I love James Dean. I'm obsessed with old movies. Like old comedies, which is so cool because I get to do Drake & Josh, a comic duo. I was raised on Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Laurel and Hardy.

Are you and Josh Peck friends off set? Yes, we are. It's funny. We work all day long from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. So at the end of the day, Josh is like, "Hey, what are you doing tonight?" We see each other all day and still want to hang out after work.

What's your favorite snack food? Apple chips. They're the best. Last week, I bought seven bags, and I was thinking, "This will last me all week." But then I sat and ate all seven bags in one sitting.

What do you drive? I have a '66 Mustang and a '61 seafoam green Galaxie. But the car I drive is a BMW 330i 2006.

Were you a good student when you were still in school? Straight As. No, I was terrible. I was, like, the worst student ever.

Thanks for the honesty--that's what we love about ya.
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