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Noteworthy records of amphibians and reptiles from northwestern and western Texas.

This study was done in conjunction with field studies conducted on small mammals in the panhandle and western areas of Texas. All specimens reported in this study represent county records as interpreted from the distribution maps of Dixon (1987). Scientific and common names follow those of Dixon (1987) and Collins (1990). Included are records of six species of amphibians, one turtle, one lizard and 11 snakes. Voucher specimens are deposited with the holdings of The Museum at Texas Tech University (TTU).

Spea multiplicata (Cope)

(New Mexico Spadefoot Toad)

Material examined. -- Wolf Creek, 9 mi E of Lipscomb, Lipscomb County, Texas, 24 July 1985, one specimen (TTU 11445). 8 mi S, 4 mi W of Whiteface, Cochran County, Texas, 30 May 1988, two specimens (TTU 11446-11447). 13 mi N, 12 mi E of Plains, Yoakum County, Texas, 9 July 1987, one specimen (TTU 11448). 6 mi NE of Monahans, Ward County, Texas, 22 May 1987, two specimens (TTU 11449-11450).

Bufo debilis debilis Girard

(Eastern Green Toad)

Material examined. -- Sonora, Sutton County, Texas, 19 September 1986, one specimen (TTU 11451) which was flooded from a ground squirrel (Spermophilus mexicanus) burrow.

Bufo debilis insidior Girard

(Western Green Toad)

Material examined. -- 18 mi N, 1 mi W of Adrian, Oldham County. Texas, 22 August 1985, one specimen (TTU 11452). 10 mi N, 35 mi W of Hereford, Deaf Smith County, Texas, 17 August 1989, one specimen (TTU 11453).

Bufo punctatus Baird & Girard

(Red-spotted Toad)

Material examined. -- Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, 1.5 mi S, 2.5 mi W of Fritch, Potter County, Texas, 17 August 1991, one specimen (TTU 11454). 7 mi S, 17 mi W of Clairemont, Kent County, Texas, 11 May 1993, one specimen (TTU 11455).

Bufo speciosus Girard

(Texas Toad)

Material examined. -- Wolf Creek, 9 mi E of Lipscomb, Lipscomb County, Texas, 24 July 1985, one specimen (TTU 11456). 7 mi W of Kermit, Winkler County, Texas, 5 August 1987, one specimen (TTU 11457).

Rana catesbeiana Shaw


Material examined. -- Rita Blanco Creek, 1.5 mi S, 6 mi W of Channing, Hartley County, Texas, 10 June 1988, one specimen (TTU 11458). 3 mi S, 9 mi E of Justiceburg, Garza County, Texas, 10 June 1993, one specimen (TTU 11459); 4 mi S, 2 mi E of Justiceburg, Garza County, Texas, 18 April 1989, two specimens (TTU 11460-11461).

Remarks. -- When collected, the specimen from Rita Blanco Creek was in the process of consuming a cliff swallow (Hirundo pyrrhonota).

Kinosternon flavescens flavescens (Agassiz)

(Yellow Mud Turtle)

Material examined. -- 7 mi N, 4 mi W of Notrees, Winkler County, Texas, 13 April 1989, two specimens (TTU 11462-11463).

Eumeces obsoletus (Baird & Girard)

(Great Plains Skink)

Material examined. -- 3 mi E of Sylvester, Fisher County, Texas, 14 April 1991, one specimen (TTU 11464). 13.5 mi S, 0.5 mi W of Hamlin, Jones County, Texas, 14 April 1991, one specimen (TTU 11465). 13 mi N, 12 mi E of Plains, Yoakum County, Texas, 9 July 1987, one specimen (TTU 11466). 0.5 mi S, 11 mi W of Lees, Glasscock County, Texas, 6 June 1989, one specimen (TTU 11467).

Remarks. -- Specimens were collected in Sherman live-traps which had been set for small mammals.

Arizona elegans elegans Kennicott

(Kansas Glossy Snake).

Material examined. -- 3.5 mi S of Muleshoe, Bailey County, Texas, 28 May 1988, one specimen (TTU 11468).

Remarks. -- The specimen was collected in sand hills habitat north of the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge.

Coluber constrictor flaviventris Say

(Eastern Yellowbelly Racer)

Material examined. -- 3 mi N, 8 mi W of Spur, Dickens County, Texas, 7 June 1987, one specimen (TTU 11469).

Diadophis punctatus arnyi Kennicott

(Prairie Ringneck Snake)

Material examined. -- 10 mi S, 15 mi E of Spearman, Roberts County, Texas, 16 May 1988, one specimen (TTU 11470).

Elaphe guttata emoryi (Baird & Girard)

(Great Plains Rat Snake)

Material examined. -- 7.5 mi E of Lutie, Collingsworth County, Texas, 14 May 1986, one specimen (TTU 11471). 3 mi S of Floydada, Floyd County, Texas, 4 September 1989, one specimen (TTU 11472).

Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri (Baird & Girard)

(Texas Rat Snake)

Material examined. -- 12 mi E of Canadian, 20 July 1984, one specimen (TTU 11473); 1.5 mi N, 13 mi E of Canadian, Hemphill County, Texas, 25 May 1985, one specimen (TTU 11474).

Remarks. -- These are the first records of this species from the Texas Panhandle.

Lampropeltis getula splendida (Baird & Girard)

(Desert Kingsnake)

Material examined. -- 3.5 mi W of Best, Reagan County, Texas, 1 July 1986, one specimen (TTU 11475). 8 mi S of Whiteface, Cochran County, Texas, 30 May 1988, one specimen (TTU 11476).

Lampropeltis triangulum celaenops Stejneger

(New Mexico Milk Snake)

Material examined. -- 13 mi S of Lehman, Cochran County, Texas, 15 August 1988, one specimen (TTU 11477).

Remarks. -- This specimen was collected in a Sherman live-trap in an area of sandy soils and shinoak.

Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellatus Garman

(Texas Longnose Snake)

Material examined. -- 6 mi N of Fieldton, Lamb County, Texas, 2 June 1988, one specimen (TTU 11478).

Remarks. -- This specimen was collected in the Muleshoe Sand Hills of northwestern Texas.

Tantilla hobartsmithi Taylor

(Southwestern Blackhead Snake)

Material examined. -- McCamey, Upton County, Texas, 6 June 1986, one specimen (TTU 11479).

Thamnophis radix haydeni (Kennicott)

(Western Plains Garter Snake)

Material examined. -- 16 mi S, 11 mi E of Spearman, Roberts County, Texas, 16 May 1988, one specimen (TTU 11480).

Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster (Gloyd & Conant)

(Trans-Pecos Copperhead)

Material examined. -- 4 mi S, 2 mi E of Crane, Crane County, Texas, 24 July 1986, one specimen (TTU 11481).

Literature Cited

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Richard W. Manning, *Clyde Jones and *Franklin D. Yancey, II

Department of Biology, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas 78666 and *Department of Biology and The Museum, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 79409
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Date:Aug 1, 1995
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