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Notes on resisting the Chretien-Cauchon onslaught on marriage.

The general attitude of the pro-"gay" print media (daily papers like the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star) is that of the "Borg" in the TV series "Star Trek". The Borg assimilate all groups and individuals they meet, then turn them into robots under a unified command. Their slogan when they attack: we will assimilate you, resistance is futile.


Resistance is not futile. An organized electorate with a clear understanding of what is at issue can and will defeat an arrogant government.

* Martin Cauchon has indicated that same-sex "marriage" (hereafter S.S."M.") may well be an electoral issue (Nat. Post, July 18). Let us hold him to his words.

* In mid July, 2003, pro-S.S."M." media and columnists forecast that

the Liberals with their majority of 171 MP's and their allies, the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP, would easily win a vote in the House of Commons (e.g. Chantal Hebert, Star, July 18). Recognize this for what it is: propaganda from the Yes side. At the beginning of August they were already singing a different tune.

* At least 70% of the one hundred Ontario Liberal MPs alone are church-going Catholics or Evangelical Christians. Enlighten them with the carrot of electoral support and the stick of electoral defeat. Already three dozen Liberal MPs ffom Ontario have indicated they will vote S.S."M." down. Make sure your MP is added to this list, but don't be too gullible in accepting statements in private. Let them publish their statements in the local paper.

* Be aware that those who favour S.S."M." will be the same MPs who will vote "yes" to Bill C-13 and Bill C-250. Bill C-13 will add the destruction of living embryos to the abortion holocaust. Bill C-250 will add "sexual orientation" to the Canada Hate Crimes Act and thereby end freedom of speech in this country. Have no illusions. If MP Elsie Wayne can be denounced as a "bigot," "extremist," and "homophobe" for simply stating her opposition, in the House of Commons, to the antics of the "gay" lobby, once C-250 is passed everyone else who says it in public will be sued under the Hate Crimes Act by the same Chretien-financed "gay" lobbyists.

On July 25, a group of New Brunswick "gays" announced they were taking MP Elsie Wayne to court because she refuses to meet with them. Their insolence and bias seem unlimited. Tell your province to abolish its Human Rights Tribunal.

* The Toronto Star did us the favour of revealing that Mr. Cauchon thinks his S.S."M." proposal "is in line with Canadian values". His proposed legislation, he has said, "speaks volumes about who we are as Canadians and the values that we share" (July 18, 2003). After his press conference Mr. Cauchon poked the representative of the Evangelical Fellowship in the chest, telling him to get lost because 'your views count for nothing.'

Please find out whether your local MP supports Mr. Cauchon, and write the coming leader, Mr. Paul Martin, to see where he stands.

* Mr. Chretien, with his customary "generosity," will permit a "free vote." Do not be fooled. In the past he has always ordered Cabinet to back government legislation, even in "free" votes. That means coercing not just 25 votes, but 55 to 60 votes. Cabinet includes every Minister's Parliamentary Secretary, plus some others. So please decide now that if your MP happens to be a member of Cabinet, he or she can forget about your support in the spring 2004 election, unless they publicly renounce same-sex "marriage" legisation. Please tell him or her of your decision.

* Another final point: Canadian Courts and Human Rights Tribunals constantly speak of "rights". When is a right a right? In 1986 a five-justice majority in the American court case Bowers v. Hardwick said that for a right to be deemed fundamental, it had to be "deeply rooted in this nation's history and tradition." And, they said, legalized sodomy was not part of the history and tradition of the country. The same applies to Canada.

Action Box

Please inform us of any MPs in your ridings who have spoken out on the Same-Sex "M" issue or who have indicated how they intend to vote. C.I. would like to complie a list. The best record is a statement in a local newspaper.
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