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Notes on Ciudad Juarez, as a Play.

Act 1: The strangers dressed in white sheets meet.

Scene 1: paint each other's hands blue.

Scene 2: feed each other clumps of powdered sugar.

Scene 3: light candles in four corners of a room.

Scene 4: sit on opposite ends of a table for three days.

Scene 5: eat baskets of fruit for the Assumption of Mary.

Act 2: The strangers fall in love.

Scene 1: climb over the table and cover each other's eyes.

Scene 2: scream when storms collapse their walls, light dies.

Scene 3: homeless, they walk through the aisles of the theatre.

Scene 4: they fall asleep, feet at each other's faces.

Act 3: The strangers are caught in war.

Scene 1: a foreigner promises rooms with electricity.

Scene 2: a foreigner undresses the strangers, wraps them in electric wires.

Scene 3: a foreigner kills one stranger; living stranger moves to a shanty-town.

Act 4: Blackout on set.

Scene 1: a spotlight scans the apron for the living stranger.

Scene 2: the prompter loses twenty pages of script; exits through vomitory.

Scene 3: the spotlight is killed.

Act 5: The living stranger crosses a fence.

Scene 1: lights cued--living stranger opens mouth and finds a fence.

Scene 2: plucks fence from throat and bleeds for days.

Scene 3: plants fence and watches it grow for miles.

Scene 4: climbs through an opening cut with pliers.

Scene 5: with no money in a new land, her body is a thousand dimes.

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Author:Scenters-Zapico, Natalie
Publication:West Branch
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Date:Dec 22, 2013
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