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Notes from the underground.

Vicious Circle by Indianapolis' (and last month's Zounds) the Zero Boys is up there on the all-time list. Secretly Canadian Records has just released History of, making available tracks with the original lineup from the rare cassette tape of the same name (released in 1984), some of which I'd never heard. Shit is seriously ripping. Some of the songs have found their way onto various versions of Vicious Circle, but the other stuff is just as great. These guys were a Midwest force to be reckoned with, and this stuff from 1980 to '84 shows why: Combining elements of thrash and metal to punk rock as it's becoming hardcore. Listen to fellow Midwest stalwarts the New Bomb Turks' Destroy Oh Boy! and you'll see where their pedigree started. If you don't like the Zero Boys, I don't like you ... Checked out the Live at Rob's House 7-inch comp with the Black Lips, Carbonas, Gentleman Jesse, and Predator (on Rob's House Records, no less). The songs are great and the sound quality is pretty damn fine for a basement recording, but what's extra cool is the free DVD of the bands' performances that comes with the record. This one is limited, so you snooze, you lose ... And speaking of the Carbonas, GG King is three of them guys, far as I can tell, doing stripped down and speedy punk rock. Look for the Adult Rock 7-inch on Douchemaster Records ... Also on the small rekkids is a great split by Slim Limbs and Beast with a Gun. Slim Limbs play some down and dirty, trashy, noisy filth (reminiscent of the Country Teasers, maybe) that no self-respecting priest would ever listen to, but it'll do your soul much more good (and they skate, too). Beast with a Gun play some straight up one-two, fuck-you trashy punk with attitude. Both bands are English, but their foul language and coarse demeanors would make any mother proud ... Nashville Pussy's From Hell to Texas (on Steamhammer) is another burst of aggro Southern-fried rock 'n' roll, with equal parts metal and punk (think of a speeded up and dirty Molly Hatchet or Skynyrd). There've been a few line-up changes over the years, but the core (Ruyter and Blaine) has been constant, and this one screeches and wails ... On the video front, just checked out the DVD reissue of the Dutch short film Lust for Life. Filmed in 1986, it's a bio of Iggy Pop that focuses much less on 1986 and much more on his and the Stooges' beginnings in Michigan (Ron Asheton, who died earler this yeare, is featured in interviews as well). There's great old footage of the band, and the film links the Stooges to their early influences (blues), contemporaries (Hendrix), and those that came later (punk) ... Scott H Biram's Something's Wrong/Lost Forever on Bloodshot goes perfectly with a couple cups of strong coffee on a hung-over Sunday morning. He plays bluesy country as a one-man band, working the harmonica on some of the slower stuff. Hopefully he gets out of Austin and plays around some ... On the live front, saw the Love Me Nots recently, and the show was a shit-hot dose of 1960s-style Farfisa-fueled garage. Some screaming guitar work, a solid rhythm section holding it down, and a singer who belts 'em out in between pounding the keys--half wrapped in mini-skirts and go-go boots, and the other half in suits. They just toured Europe and will be playing around some (and recording); I suggest you check 'em out posthaste ...

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Title Annotation:ZOUNDS
Author:Lundry, Wez
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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Notes from the underground.

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