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Notes from the director, workforce management.

"BUILDING TOMORROW'S LEADERS"--this is the mission of SAF/FMPW. There is no better way to build leaders for tomorrow than through education and training (E&T), and it is certainly a dynamic time for us!

Last fall, our officer and civilian formal courses at Keesler AFB rolled-out new curricula with a heavy focus on decision support. FM also continues along the path of training transformation by exploring new delivery methods in perfect alignment with the newly released AETC white paper on the Future of AF Education & Training, as highlighted in Col Barb Gilchrist's article in this issue. The FM Distributed Learning Center (FM DLC) hosts high quality web-based training as the number of user accounts has risen to more than 10,000. The Decision Support Body of Knowledge will be a 3-tiered program providing all FMers targeted decision support training at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. In the midst of all the activity, it is important to take a moment to look at the education and training basics outlined in the FM career roadmaps.

Our FM officer, civilian, and enlisted career roadmaps highlight education and training as a critical piece of overall development. For officers and civilians, the following comprise FM education and training:

FORMAL EDUCATION--Ultimately, FM officers and civilians should obtain a Master's degree.

FM TRAINING--Our FM training begins with the Basic Financial Management Staff Officer's Course (BFMOC). This ten-week, in-resident course at Keesler AFB equips FM's new accessions with the initial skills needed for success. BFMOC was recently rewritten to focus on decision support skills. Our intermediate FM course is the Financial Management Staff Officer's Course (FMSOC). This 4-week course at Keesler AFB was also completely rewritten. These changes are discussed in Capt Fast's article in this issue. Our senior level professional continuing education course is the Defense Financial Management and Comptroller Course at Maxwell AFB. Additionally, a one-week Defense Decision Support Course is available at Maxwell AFB to provide focused decision support skills training.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION--FM leadership continues to emphasize the importance of professional test-based certification as a means of building a more credentialed FM workforce. There are many test based certifications such as the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM), the Certified Government Financial Manager, the Certified Public Accountant, and many more. The Air Force funds quotas for FMers to attend the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training, a one-week course that prepares individuals for the CDFM exam.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATION--Professional military education is another important facet of learning for all members of the FM workforce. For officers and civilians, Basic Development Education includes the Aerospace Basic Course and Squadron Officer School. Intermediate Developmental Education includes such courses as the Air Command and Staff College. Senior Developmental Education includes such courses as Air War College or the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. See Lt Col Michael Dahlstrom's article in this issue for more information on professional military education.

CONTINUOUS EDUCATION--Ongoing education enables FMers to maintain their currency and relevance. The new FM Distributed Learning Center (FM DLC) hosts more than 200 online courses that allow you to stay up-to-date on a variety of topics.

In a changing AF and FM environment, it is more important than ever before to focus on your professional development through education and training! Please give us a call or visit our website at for more information,
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Author:Scheiner, Glenda
Publication:Air Force Comptroller
Date:Mar 22, 2008
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