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Notes from the Comptroller Officer Assignment Team.

By the time you read this article, we will have returned from the 2006 Professional Development Institute (PDI) held in beautiful San Diego. During AF Day at the PDI, we were given the opportunity to brief comptroller officer professional development. We also conducted one-on-one career counseling for those interested in updating a development plan for themselves or their troops. For those who did not attend the PDI or missed our briefing, this article is for you.

What did we brief?

We covered Force Development--developing our officers to meet future needs of the Air Force. Currently, junior officers complete three tours before meeting their major's board. Each tour is usually three years, unless an officer volunteers for a remote assignment overseas. At least two tours should be in the finance career field, i.e. budget, finance or cost. Career broadening is encouraged, but timing is important. Field grade officers need leadership experience in Squadron/CC, MAJCOM, Air Staff, or Joint duty.

We also discussed Developmental Education--(Basic) BDE, (Intermediate) IDE, (Senior) SDE. With the recent policy change making education data visible during promotion boards, there is a greater need to complete advanced degrees. A board meets annually to allocate degree quotas for the Defense-Focused MBA at Naval Post Graduate School and Master's in Cost Analysis at the Air Force Institute of Technology. For IDE/SDE, the FM Development Team selects in-residence attendees who are nominated during their window of eligibility (three years IDE and four years SDE). Bottom line: complete your Master's Degree, IDE/SDE by correspondence or seminar, this will increase your chances for promotion.

We also demystified the assignment process. Assignments are filled based on the AF's needs, officer's career development, and whenever possible, officer's preference. There are three assignment cycles: Spring, Summer and Fall. Seven to ten months prior to your third year on station or DEROS month, you will appear on the VML (vulnerable move list). Your leadership has two weeks to validate whether you should move and submit a requisition for the position you will leave vacant. All vacancies for the assignment cycle are advertised as requirements in the Assignment Management System (AMS). You then have one month to update your Transitional-Officer Development Plan (T-ODP) based on these requirements shown in AMS. Once updated, AFPC will begin the assignment matching process, which can take up to three months. After being matched, you will receive notification of your assignment with a reporting date between three to six months from the date of notification. To see specific dates, visit our AFPC Web site at and search for assignment cycle.

In the last issue of this magazine, we emphasized the accuracy of your personnel record. Whether your record is meeting a board or being reviewed during the assignment process, it is extremely important that your T-ODP, Single Unit Retrieval Form (SURF), OPRs, are accurate and up to date. Remember that officers are responsible for the accuracy of their record.

Finally, we scheduled one-on-one counseling sessions for the remainder of the PDI and were able to meet many of the attendees in person. We hope to see YOU next year.

As always, if you have questions, please send us an e-mail at or or call us at DSN 665-2304 ext 3 or 2.

--Capt Emil Gawaran & Capt Scott Thompson
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Author:Gawaran, Emil; Thompson, Scott
Publication:Air Force Comptroller
Date:Jun 22, 2005
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