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Notes from our readers.

I just finished reading your article in July 2011 Sister Magazine and it's the best! I was quick to fantasize a day when all women will wake up and go natural, without braids, all over Windhoek. The different styles!! Obviously we'll be more creative and more relaxed. The message in the article is powerful!!!


I really appreciated the following articles in the magazines: Women could change the world; Diabetes on the Increase, and the advice by Afra Schimming-Chase on Getting out of the Culture of Debt. The world would change if women are empowered, and this magazine does awareness on women's emancipation. Women should take the lead to change the corrupted world systems. Keep it up. Gabriel Luale, Osire Boys and Girls Club

Maybe in the future, Sister magazines will contain information on: styles of leadership, stigma and discrimination, baby dumping and the risks of cell phone radiation.


I am a 24 year old lady. Wonderful magazine! It's my first time reading it; I got a copy at UNAM. Keep it up!

Like always, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sister. A salute to the women in the Caprivi Region, claiming their rights and to the leaders supporting them in their efforts! With "Making My body Mine", Sheena spoke from my heart. Isn't it wonderful that we all look different and are beautiful in our own ways? I agree, Let's make Our bodies Ours! Angela

Thank you Sister Namibia, I am 18 years old and a learner at Braunfels Agricultural High School. The story of Erna Chimu inspired me a lot, that story has changed my life, and I would like to kindly ask the team of Sister Namibia to start up a team of BROTHER NAMIBIA for men please. Shaun

I am very grateful for Sister magazine, such an inspiring read, we are really learning a lot, please keep it so enjoyable. Petrus and Gloria

Hi I am Manga, I love the Sister Namibia magazine. I particularly enjoyed the article on sexual rights. As women we must not be overruled just because men are known as heads of the house, it is time that we speak our rights.

Hi Sister Namibia, greetings from Lady May!

As a woman I enjoy reading Sister Namibia, a true inspirational magazine. I mostly enjoy articles on health and culture. I am a feminist who believes in girls' education and I am proud to say that my efforts have yielded good results. Otilie

I enjoyed the story of the two nurses' journey, Amatalahi's internship, and was blown away by the poem by Luna Ramphaga, of December 2010. I am in love with poems but I don't know how to go about getting them to publications. Please help!

Morning, Sister magazine, I am a woman of 25 years. I have a poem that I want to share with you. What can I do?

Hello Sister Namibia. I am a Rundu resident who has just come across your amazing magazine. It is not the latest edition but the stories are still fresh fantastic. I just grabbed it from a classmate's hands. How can I get some more?

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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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