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Articles from Notes and Queries (March 1, 1998)

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'Gravedo' and 'Thermae': the meaning of Milton's warning to More at 'Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio Secunda' 182.24-184.3. Ronnick, Michele Valerie 1046
'Humani Nihil' and Shakespeare's 1598 'Henry IV.'. Solheim, Helene 545
'Paradise Lost' II.4 and Seneca's 'Hercules Furens.'. Dzelzainis, Martin 955
A 'Biathanathos' presentation inscription recovered. Shapiro, I.A. 358
A contemporary source for the 'Yahoos' in 'Gulliver's Travels.'. Kelly, James William 897
A liturgical allusion in 'Guy of Warwick.'. Dalrymple, Roger 1126
A note on 'The Owl and the Nightingale,' line 1342. Cartlidge, Neil 693
A note on Robinson's 'Rewards of Piety.'. Bredehoft, Thomas A. 2496
A source for Smart's 'Stigand.'. Mounsey, Chris 734
Aethelflaed's fortification of 'Weardburh.'. Coates, Richard 2765
An Interpolated Middle English Version of the Anatomy of Guy de Chauliac, Part I, Text; Part II, Introduction, Notes Glossary. Valls, Helen Book Review 650
An Introduction to Shakespeare: The Dramatist in His Context. Coyle, Martin Book Review 624
Anglo-Saxon England. Kabir, Ananya J. Book Review 556
Another Old English text of the 'Passio Petri et Pauli.'. Lionarons, Joyce Tally 1395
Authors 'not unknown' in Milton's 'Tetrachordon.'. Dzelzainis, Martin 1593
Carew's boar and panther. Nixon, Scott 1941
Ceremony and Text in the Renaissance. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 947
Christ as the philosopher's stone in George Herbert's 'The Elixir.'. Miller, Clarence H. 1082
Colonial Narratives/Cultural Dialogues: `Discoveries' of India in the Language of Colonialism. Gasser, Brian Book Review 1134
Complete Poems, vol 1. Rooksby, Rikky Book Review 1124
County feasts. Morgan, Paul Chronology 6154
Dictionary of Old English Fascicle E. Batley, Janet Book Review 1140
Donne's debt to Petrarch in his 'Sonnet 17.'. Bevan, Jonquil 424
Dr. Johnson's etymology of 'gibberish.'. Kolb, Gwin J.; DeMaria, Robert, Jr. 1997
Early Christian authors and the prologue to 'Paradise Lost.'. Edwards, M.J. 1653
Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English. Watson, John Gillard Book Review 560
English Catholic Books: 1641-1700. Sullivan, Ceri Book Review 536
English Wycliffite Sermons, vols. 4-5. Easting, Robert Book Review 970
Facsimile of Oxford, Bodleian Library. Le Saux, F. Book Review 815
Frisian Runes and Neighbouring Traditions. Stanley, E.G. Book Review 451
Fulke Greville's 'Caelica' LVIII. Wilkes, G.A. 810
Gerald of Wales's 'Itinerary of Wales' in medieval Exeter. Breeze, Andrew 975
Humanism. Greenwood, E.B. Book Review 624
Individuality and Achievement in Middle English Poetry. Cartlidge, Neil Book Review 676
John Oldham and the Smithfield crickets. Griffin, Julia 859
Johnson, politian, and editorial method. Lynch, Jack 1426
Joyce in the Hibernian Metropolis: Essays. Crowley, Tony Book Review 628
Language and Society in Early Modern England: Selected Essays 1981-1994. Percy, Carol Book Review 673
Learning as wine-press in George Herbert's 'The Pearl.'. Walls, Kathryn 2025
Lies, Slander, and Obscenity in Medieval English Literature: Pastoral Rhetoric and the Deviant Speaker. Wenzel, Siegfried Book Review 1088
Literature and the Marketplace: Romantic Writers and Their Audiences in Great Britain and the United States. Dingley, R.J. Book Review 530
Margaret Paston's 'Grene a Lyere.'. Breeze, Andrew 1111
Mariana Starke and Millecent Thomas: early translators of Genlis's 'Le Theatre a L'Usage des jeunes personnes' (1779-1780). Pitcher, E.W. 372
Memory and Desire: Representation of Passion in the Novella. Knight, K.G. Book Review 805
Milton in Poole's 'Parnassus.'. Kennedy, Richard F. Bibliography 1941
Novels and Selected Works of Mary Shelley, vols. 1-8. Cronin, Richard Book Review 1625
Old English Biblical Verse. Semper, Philippa J. Book Review 744
Old English Poetic Metre. Stanley, E.G. Book Review 1660
Omne Bonum: A Fourteenth-Century Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge, British Library MSS Royal 6 E VI-6 E VIII, 2 vols. Hudson, Anne Book Review 973
On the miscellaneous works of John Hope (1739-1785). Pitcher, E.W. 2935
Poems of the Middle Period: 1822-1837, 2 vols. Storey, Mark Book Review 1854
Prophets Abroad: The Reception of Continental Holy Women in Late-Medieval England. Wogan-Browne, Jocelyn Book Review 558
Quantitatsproblematik und Metrik. Stanley, E.G. Book Review 567
Rape in Antiquity: Sexual Violence in the Greek and Roman Worlds. Leach, Colin Book Review 611
Reading and Writing in Shakespeare. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 830
Regaining Paradise Lost. Kezar, Dennis Book Review 1226
Rereading Hopkins: Selected New Essays. White, Norman Book Review 732
Rereading Middle English Romance: Manuscript Layout, Decoration, and the Rhetoric of Composite Structure. Speed, Diane Book Review 606
Richard Clarke and the Royal literary fund. Cole, Richard C. 2704
Robin Hood: A Collection of All the Ancient Poems, Songs and Ballads, Now Extant, Relative to that Celebrated English Outlaw, 2 vols. Kane, George Book Review 585
Russia Through Women's Eyes: Autobiographies from Tsarist Russia. Kelly, Catrion Book Review 1058
Shakespeare at Work. Blake, Ann Book Review 759
Shakespeare's English Histories: A Quest for Form and Genre. Happe, Peter Book Review 1059
Skelton's 'Why Come Ye Not to Court'?, 210. Edwards, A.S.G. 244
Spokesperson Milton: Voices in Contemporary Criticism. Kezar, Dennis Book Review 1225
St Caedmon. Stanley, E.G. Bibliography 436
St Winifred of Wales and 'The Duchess of Malfi.'. Breeze, Andrew 922
Swallows and barnacle geese. Beare, Rhona 505
The 'Index of Middle English Verse': some corrections and additions towards the next edition. Reimer, Stephen R. Bibliography 4564
The authorship of the 'Universal Magazine' review of 'Humphrey Clinker.'. Derry, Stephen Book Review 719
The Blithedale Romance. Claridge, Henry Book Review 692
The Book of Cerne: Prayer, Patronage and Power in Ninth-Century England. Gameson, Richard Book Review 827
The Complete Works of Robert Browning, 2 vols. Roberts, Adam Book Review 724
The dates of the reading calendar and the summer canon. Coates, A.E.; Taylor, Andrew 1525
The English Novel in History: 1840-1895. Dingley, R.J. Book Review 651
The field-name 'Palmerwang.'. Hough, Carole 359
The half-line 'Grendeles Maegum' (Beowulf 2353B). Bammesberger, Alfred 1704
The Hymms of the Anglo-Saxon Church. Stanley, E.G. Book Review 955
The Illusion of Postmodernism. Rooksby, Rikky Book Review 713
The Imperial Experience: From Carlyle to Forster. Gasser, Brian Book Review 1131
The John Wine canon. Williams, Gordon 885
The Language Web: The Power and Problem of Words. Percy, Carol Book Review 620
The Medieval Medea. McDonald, Nicola Book Review 681
The Melodramatic Imagination: Balzac, Henry James, Melodrama, and the Mode of Excess. Rooksby, Rikky Book Review 683
The Metrical Organization of Beowulf, Prototype and Isomorphism. Stanley, E.G. Book Review 2102
The Movement Towards Subversion: The English History Play from Skelton to Shakespeare. Happe, Peter Book Review 1064
The Piozzi Letters: Correspondence of Hester Lynch Piozzi, 1784-1821 (formerly Mrs Thrale), vol 4, 1805-1810. Ranger, Paul Book Review 539
The Politics of Home: Postcolonial Relocations and Twentieth-Century Fiction. Williamson, Karina Book Review 645
The Secret Malady: Venereal Disease in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France. Black, Jeremy Book Review 700
The sense of 'Directe' in Chaucer's 'Troilus' V.1856: a correction. Wilson, Edward 1819
The source of Robinson Crusoe's 'sudden joys.'. Sill, Geoffrey Bibliography 1002
The Specular Moment: Goethe's Early Lyric and the Beginnings of Romanticism. Atkins, Robert (American physician) Book Review 838
The translation of Boccaccio's 'De Mulieribus Claris' in British Library MS additional 10304 and 'The Forty-Six Lives Translated from Boccaccio by Henry Parker, Lord Morley.'. Cowen, Janet M. 554
The World of Samuel Beckett: 1906-1946. Pountney, Rosemary Book Review 1194
Thomas Arden in Faversham: The Man Behind the Myth. Hopkins, Lisa Book Review 675
Traditionen der klassischen Rhetoric im angelsachsischen England. Stanley, E.G. Book Review 1122
Trinity and Incarnation in Anglo-Saxon Art and Thought. Magennis, Hugh Book Review 731
Visionary Fictions: Apocalyptic Writing from Blake to the Modern Age. Atkins, Robert (American physician) Book Review 823
What type of treasure is kept in a 'Goldhordhus'? Rusche, Phlip G. 2221
William Browne, Britannia's pastorals I.5.185-6. Jacobson, Howard 368
William Wycherley in Spain: some new evidence. Thomas, Graham C.G. 468
Words that Matter: Linguistic Perception in Renaissance English. Cook, Eleanor Book Review 766

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