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Articles from Notes and Queries (June 1, 1998)

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'One Touch of Nature': allusions to 'Troilus and Cressida' in James Hogg's 'Three Perils of Woman.' (play by dramatist William Shakespeare; author of 1823 novel) Groves, David 1524
'Strange fits of passion': Wordsworth and Mrs. Radcliffe. Knox-Shaw, Peter Bibliography 902
'Testament': an unpublished war poem by Siegfried Sassoon. Campbell, Patrick 414
'The Sentinel' by Rebecca West: a newly discovered novel. Laing, Kathryn 2450
A fragment of Lydgate's 'Troy Book' in the inner temple library. Reimer, Stephen R. Excerpt 1269
A Hocclevean Balade. Trudgill, Marian; Burrow, J.A. 2059
A lost paragraph in the Cambridge edition of D.H. Lawrence's letters. McVea, Deborah 512
A new Anthony Wood manuscript. Bennett, Kate 1940
An allusion in Oscar Wilde's 'The Canterville Ghost.' (Irish dramatist) Guy, Josephine M. 1205
An analogue, and probable source, for a metaphor in Alfred's preface to the Old English translation of Augustine's 'Soliloquies.' (King Alfred the Great of England's translation of St. Augustine of Hippo's work) Bhattacharya, Prodosh 1120
An unpublished Matthew Arnold letter. Foley, Timothy P. 711
Another swipe at W.P. Frith by Oscar Wilde. Schroeder, Horst 437
Benjamin West and Henry Fuseli in fiction, 1828. Harvey, A.D. 757
Broken Boundaries: Women and Feminism in Restoration Drama. Roberts, David Book Review 595
Calchas, renegade and traitor: Dares and Joseph of Exeter. Rigg, A.G. 1555
Clanvowe's 'Boke of Cupide,' lines 185-6. Roscow, Gregory 838
Coleridge the ostrich and Capell's Shakespeare. Chandler, David 853
Conrad's 'Lord Jim': the source of the 'Sephora' incident. Ray, Martin 645
D.H. Lawrence's futurist reading: two errors in footnotes from the second volume of the Cambridge letters. Harrison, Andrew Bibliography 363
Did Wordsworth drink to Browning's health? Baker, Joseph Haydn 1229
Dogs that won't hunt and Old English ghost words. Porter, David W. 704
Earlier than in 'OED':"The Black Dog' and 'Crap'. Sherbo, Arthur Bibliography 219
Edward Casaubon and Isaac Casaubon. Bull, Malcolm 824
Factual Fictions: The Origins of the English Novel. Keymer, Tom Book Review 917
Further quotations and allusions in Hazlitt: the Bible, Milton, Pascal, Gray, Churchill, Burke, Cowper, 'Peter Pindar,' and 'Tiddydoll' (Smollett and Gilray). Jones, Stanley 2312
Glutton's black mass: 'Piers Plowman,' B-text, passus V 297-385. Wilcockson, Colin 2155
Greek and Latin in Coleridge's notebooks. Diggle, James 4589
Hardy's revision of fact and fiction. Derry, Stephen 493
Hood, Clare, and the 'Mary' chain. Lodge, Sara 2103
Isabella Lickbarrow, Lakeland Quaker poet: more facts. Parrish, Constance 1136
John Bale. Gowen, David Book Review 650
John Stewart and the burying of books in Wordsworth's 'Prelude.' (18th-19th century philosopher; poet/author William Wordsworth) Grovier, Kelly 804
Joseph Conrad and William Mathie Parker. Dryden, Linda 2160
King John. Kingsley-Smith, Jane E. Book Review 613
King Richard II. Phillips, Stephen J. Book Review 629
Latein und Volkssprache im deutschen Mittelalter 1100-1500. Wells, C.J. Book Review 3393
Misunderstood rhetorico-syntactical glosses in two Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. Ruff, Carin 2376
More classical roots for Forster's 'The Road from Colonus.' (English author E.M. Forster) Doloff, Steven 629
More glosses in early medieval English manuscripts. McGowan, Joseph 1729
Notes on Oscar Wilde: two unpublished letters from the National Library of Scotland. Clayworth, Anya 1775
Odda in 'The Battle of Maldon.' (warrior in a pivotal battle between the English and Danish armies; Old English poem) Hough, Carole 2036
Race, Ethnicity, and Power in the Renaissance. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 684
Retrospect and Review: Aspects of the Literature of the GDR, 1976-1990. Knight, K.G. Book Review 1187
Robert Browning. Baker, John Haydn Book Review 572
Selected Poems. Edwards, A.S.G. Book Review 1164
Shakespeare's Earliest Tragedy: Studies In Titus Andronicus. Taylor, Anthony Brian Book Review 681
Shakespeare's Imagined Persons: The Psychology of Role-Playing and Acting. Marsh, Derick R.C. Book Review 654
Shelley's Poetry: The Divided Self. Mackerness, E.D. Book Review 791
The Alexandreis of Walter of Chatillon. Catalini, Claire Fennell Book Review 664
The Bishop and Crazy Jane: an unpublished Yeats letter. Foley, Timothy P. 252
The chronology of Charlotte Bronte's 'Villette.' (woman author) Towheed, Shafquat Chronology 526
The Composition of Old English Poetry. Griffith, Mark Book Review 947
The Conversational Circle: Reading the English Novel, 1740-1775. Keymer, Tom Book Review 917
The earliest non-family life of Jane Austen. Corley, T.A.B. 1013
The Evolution of the Text. Nolcken, Christina von Book Review 908
The first recorded occurrence of the word 'Coleridgean.' (term alluding to poet/critic Samuel Taylor Coleridge) Wellens, Oskar Chronology 270
The Manuscripts of the Younger Romantics... A Facsimile Edition, With Full Transcription and Commentary... Percy Bysshe Shelley, vol. VIII: Fair Copy Manuscript of Shelley's poems in European and American Libraries... Mackerness, E.D. Book Review 771
The Taming of the Shrew. Blake, Ann Book Review 636
The writing on the cartridge; a note on Elizabeth Gaskell's 'Mary Barton' and Charles B. Tayler. Beck, Rudolf 487
Thomas Campbell and General Pepe. Miller, Mary Ruth 1903
Two unpublished Macaulay letters. McKelvy, William R. 593
Vandyke and Hardy's 'Squire Petrick's Lady.' (Flemish portrait painter Anthony Van Dyck; English poet/novelist Thomas Hardy's short story) Derry, Stephen Chronology 391
Vincent of Beauvais and Alfonso the Learned. Dominguez, Cesar Chronology 958
William Morris and J.W. Mackail. Le Bourgeois, John Y. 818
William Morris and the word 'brother.' (poet/artist/craftsman) Le Bourgeois, John Y. 322
William Worcestre on 'Glembogh' and Velvelle.' (15th-century geographer's description of areas in Wales) Breeze, Andrew 501
Wordsworth's 'Sonnet upon Westminster Bridge' and Night I of Young's 'Night Thoughts.' (poet/author William Wordsworth; poet Edward Young) Stenning-Edgecombe, Rodney 539

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