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Articles from Notes and Queries (June 1, 1997)

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"Antike Roman": Power, Symbology, and the Roman Play in Early Modern England, 1585-1635. Edelman, Charles Book Review 1166
'A Man Who Does Not Exist': The Irish Peasant in the Work of W.B. Yeats and J.M. Synge. Harmon, Maurice Book Review 997
'Mrs. Barbauld's School' and its poetic staff. Chandler, David 1604
'Mugiles' and 'Raphani': Milton's 'Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio Secunda', 142. 11-13 and Catullus 1.15.19. Ronnick, Michele Valerie 1129
'Paradice's Only Map': a plan of Nun Appleton. Raylor, Timothy 701
'The Observer' essay serial in the Bristol and Bath Magazine, 1782-1783. Pitcher, E.W. Bibliography 546
'Tom Jones' And Alsatia. Drake, George 849
A Book of Middle English. McDonald, Nicola F. Book Review 538
A botanical source for Christopher Smart. Mounsey, Chris 2613
A brief note on Beckford's 'Queen of Delusions'. Claesson, Dick 402
A Midsummer Night's Dream. Phillips, Stephen J. Book Review 894
A Note on Mary Leapor's reputation. Veire, Heidi van de 959
A source and context for Pope's "To Mr. Gay'. Rogers, Shef 1527
A source for Ann Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho. Kozlowski, Lisa 1320
Additional information about Eliza Haywood's 1749 arrest foe seditious libel. Ingrassia, Catherine 2255
An editor of The London Magazine (1732-85): Alexander Hogg. Pitcher, E.W. 658
An unnoted book society (?) in eighteenth-century derby. Sherbo, Arthur 373
Anti-Semitism, and Literary Form. McCombie, Frank Review 2754
Archbishop Theodore: Commemorative Studies on His Life and Influence. Wormald, Patrick Book Review 1001
Byrhferth's Enchiridion. Pheifer, J.D. Book Review 1330
Captain Thomas Morris and the Royal Literary Fund. Cole, Richard C. 3246
Colman the Younger's 'Surrender of Calais': the French source. Chandler, David 3963
Colonial Transactions: English Literature and India. Gasser, Brian Book Review 1168
Cowper in the Christian Miscellaney. Chandler, David 2444
Cowper's 'To a Young Lady with a Present of Two Cockscombs' and Gentleman's Magazine. Chandler, David 1446
Critical Issues in Editing Exploration Texts: Papers Given at the Twenty-eighth Annual Conference on Editorial Problems, University of Toronto, 6-November 1992. Harvey, Paul A.S. Book Review 517
Divided Empire: Milton's Political Imagery. Kean, Margaret Book Review 717
Echoes of Desire: English Petrarchanism and Its Counterdiscourses. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 790
England the Nation: Language, Literature and National Identity. Frankis, John Book Review 732
English Preaching in the Late Middle ages. Duncan, Thomas G. Book Review 1045
Essays in Appreciation. Dingley, R.J. Book Review 528
Familiariarity breeds contempt: on the use of 'well-known' in OED. Chardonnens, L.S. Product/Service Evaluation 619
Fictions of Power in English Literature: 1900-1950. Dingley, R.J. Book Review 971
Franklin's Ephemera in Oriental (Cross-Over?) Guise. Pitcher E.W. 1701
Franz Kafka, the Jewish Patient. Hargreaves, Raymond Book Review 574
Frontiers of Caribbean Literature in English. Williamson, Karina Book Review 657
Gawain's helmet. Southwood, Paul 2113
Giles Jacob's Conduct of Life. McDowell, Gary L. 2464
Hamlet. Phillips, Stephen J. Book Review 894
John Milton among the neo-Latinists: three notes on Mansus. Haan, Estelle 2827
Jonathan Swift and the Burden of the Future. Combe, Kirk Book Review 505
Judging unjust judges: new sources for Swift's Letter to Molesworth. Real, Hermann J. 1483
Milton and Sir Francis Bacon's 'A Wise and Moderate Discourse, Concerning Church-Affaires' (1641). Dzelzainis, Martin 1930
Milton and two Italian humanists: some hitherto unnoticed neo-Latin echoes in 'In Obitum Procancellarii Medici' and 'In Obitum Praesulis Eliensis'. Haan, Estelle 3296
Of mops and puppets: the ambiguous use of the word 'mop' in the Towneley Shepherds' plays. Oosterwijk, Sophie 1860
On authorship of essay serials in the European Magazine and The Lady's Monthly Museum: George Brewer and G. Bedingfield. Pitcher, E.W. 908
On the authorship of 'The Inspector' (1800-1802), an essay serial in The Lady's Monthly Museum. Pitcher, E.W. 1082
Paper Bullets: Print and Kingship Under Charles II. Black, Jeremy Book Review 315
Poetry in Contemporary Irish Literature. Harmon, Maurice Book Review 997
Pride and Prodigies: Studies in the Monsters of Beowulf - Manuscript. McDougall, David Book Review 1898
Reading Shakespeare Historically. Hopkins, Lisa Book Review 493
Renaissance Drama by Women: Texts and Documents. Burke, Victoria Book Review 951
Renaissance Woman: A Sourcebook: Constructions of Femininity in England. Burke, Victoria Book Review 951
Robert Browning's Rondures Brave. Kincaid, Arthur Book Review 577
Romanticism and the Anglican Newman. Myller, Rolf Book Review 881
Samuel Richardson and 'Mr. Norris': Richardson's letter to Millar 8 August 1750. Taylor, Derek 531
Shakespeare and the Constant Romans. Edelman, Charles Book Review 1166
Shakespeare's 'Edward III'. Merriam, Thomas Book Review 837
Shakespeare's festive Tragedy: The Ritual Foundations of Genre. Coyle, Martin Book Review 873
Shakespeare, Theory and Performance. Phillips, Stephen Book Review 609
Shelley: Poet and Legislator of the World. Cox, Philip Book Review 617
Sheridan Studies. Varney, Andrew Book Review 528
Shorter Works and Fragments. Gutteridge, J.D. Book Review 421
Sociolinguistics and Language History: Studies Based on the Corpus of Early English Correspondence. Mugglestone, L.C. Book Review 534
Some patterns in the non-historical demonstrative usage of the 'Peterborough Chronicle' Annals 1070-1121. Hough, Carole 1877
Sources of London English: Medieval Thames Vocabulary. Speirs, Nancy Book Review 1766
Spiritual History: A Reading of William Blake's Vala, or The Four Zoas. Larrissy, Edward Book Review 1048
Sterne and 'The History of Cold-Bathing.' New, Melvin 1291
T.S. Eliot and the Ideology of Four Quartets. McCombie, Frank Book Review 2754
The 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle' for 949 and Olaf Cuaran. Breeze, Andrew 950
The Bodleian Shelly Manuscripts, vol.XXI, Miscellaneous Poetry, Prose and Translations from Bodleian MS. Shelly adds. Mackerness, E.D. Book Review 717
The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Theatre. Diller, Hans-Jurgen Book Review 738
The dating of Defoe's 'Atalantis Major.' Furbank, Philip Nicholas; Owens, W.R. 861
The earliest old English place-names in Scotland. Hough, Carole 1357
The Endless Knot: Essays on old and Middle English in Honor of MArie Boroff. Turville-Petre, Thorlac Book Review 825
The English Novel in History, 1950-1995 Dingly, R.J. Book Review 971
The Good That Lives After Them: A Pattern in Shakespeare's Tragedies. Coyle, Martin Book Review 873
The place-name Hardy. Hough, Carole 863
The Poems of Ossian and Related Works. Thomson, Derick Book Review 577
The poems of William Cowper, volumes II and III: addenda and corrigenda. Baird, John D. 530
The Poetic Art of Aldhelm. Gwara, Scott Book Review 495
The Proem to Henry More's 'The Praeexistency of the Soul.' Edwards, M.J. 927
The Renaissance in Scotland: Studies in Literature, Religion, History and Culture. Atkinson, David W. Book Review 670
The second edition of 'Wing' completed. Stanley, E.G. Bibliography 1155
The short novels of The Lady's Monthly Museum: emendations to Robert Mayo's The English Novel in the Magazines. Pitcher, E.W. 1370
The Tears of Narcissus: Melancholia and Masculinity in Early Modern Writing. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 670
The Theatrical City: Culture, Theatre and Politics in London, 1576-1649. McMullan, Gordon Book Review 1391
The Towneley Plays, vol.I Introduction and Text; vol. II Notes and Glossary. Griffiths, Jeremy Book Review 816
The unrecorded second edition of Samuel Parker's 'A Discourse of Ecclesiastical Politie' (1670). Black, Joseph 982
Theorizing Satire: Essays in Literary Criticism. Roberts, David Book Review 574
Two Poets of the Oxford Movement. Myller, Rolf Book Review 881
Understanding Metaphor in Literature: An Empirical Approach. Simpson, Paul Book Review 703
Unidentified citations of Augustine in Anglo-Latin writers. Biggs, Frederick M. 4861
Vacancies in heaven: the doctrine of replacement and Genesis A. Haines, Dorothy 2984
White Skins/Black Masks: Representation and Colonialism. Gasser, Brian Book Review 1168
William Blake, Edmund Spenser, and William Kent. Hadfield, Andrew 1837
Winter Fruit: English Drama, 1642-1660. Williams, William Proctor Book Review 424

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