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Articles from Notes and Queries (December 1, 1995)

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'A Tale of Two Cities': An Annotated Bibliography. Watson, John Gillard Book Review 535
'Juliana,' 719: the this gied wraece. Orton, Peter 1950
'This Booke of Starres': Learning to Read George Herbert. clarke, Elizabeth Book Review 764
A Classical source for Johnson on Augustus and Lord Bute. Baldwin, Barry 304
A contemporary annotated manuscript of Swift's poem 'A Character, Panegyric, and Description of the Legion Club.' Hendershot, Cyndy 2457
A deathbed anecdote of Dr. Johnson. Ditchfield, G.M. 1139
A History of Russian Women's Writing: 1820-1992. Knowles, A.V. Book Review 854
A Spacious Vision: Essays on Hardy. Williams, Merryn Book Review 338
Abbreviations in the orthographies of 'The Owl and the Nightingale' and their textual implications. Scahill, John 1730
An allusion to Henry More's poetry by Thomas Vaughan. Ronnick, Michele Valerie 575
An Anthology of Russian Women's Writing: 1772-1992. Knowles, A.V. Book Review 854
Anthony and Cleopatra. Honan, Park Book Review 966
Approaches to Teaching Montaigne's Essays. Maskell, David Book Review 599
Approaches to Teaching Spenser's Faerie Queene. Hadfield, Andrew Book Review 1029
Biblical References in Shakespeare's Comedies. Normand, Lawrence Book Review 648
Blake and the Idea of the Book. Twyman, M.L. Book Review 594
Chrysostom, Prudentius and the fiends of 'Paradise Lost.' Edwards, M.J. 1209
Degeneration, Culture and the Novel: 1880-1940. Trotter, David Book Review 601
Donne and the Politics of Conscience in Early Modern England. Sullivan, Ceri Book Review 722
Donne through contemporary eyes: new light on his participation in the Convocation of 1626. Bawcutt, N.W.; Kelliher, Hilton 1985
Early Cambridge Theatres: College, University and Town Stages, 1464-1720. Williams, William Proctor Book Review 758
Edmund Spenser: A Literary Life. Hadfield, Andrew Book Review 1029
Elders' ears in Appleton House. Reid, David 464
Elizabeth Middleton: early modern copyist. Clarke, Elizabeth 1256
English Comedy. Coyle, Martin Book Review 733
English Mystics of the Middle Ages. Hussey, S.S. Book Review 775
Hungarian Folksongs: Complete Collection, vol.1, Class A1, Nos. 1-416. Wilkinson, Iren Kertesz Book Review 551
Imageless Truths: Shelley's Poetic Fictions. Jones, Chris Book Review 603
John Henry Colls and the 'Remarks on the Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides.' Chandler, David 1493
King Henry VIII (Shakespeare in Performance). Phillips, Stephen J. Book Review 976
Langland's tree of Charity and Usk's wexing tree. Lewis, Lucy 2667
Macbeth (Shakespeare in Performance). Phillips, Stephen J. Book Review 976
Maria, or the Wrongs of Woman. Cosslett, Tess Book Review 613
Mirrors of Celestial Grace: Patristic Theology in Spenser's Allegory. Hadfield, Andrew Book Review 1102
Napier XLII and Wulfstan's Homily V. Hollis, Stephanie 2082
New dating for 'Ecce sedes posita in caelo': a sermon by Richard Fleming at the Council of Constance. Nighman, Chris 1360
New light on the 'summergame.' Burton, Janet 810
New Readings of Late Medieval Love Poems. Boffey, Julia Book Review 514
Old English poetic compounds. Stanley, E.G. 661
Parentage and Inheritance in the Novels of Charles Dickens. Davies, James A. Book Review 709
Peer Gynt: A Dramatic Poem. Mudford, Peter Book Review 695
Popean order and Epicurean chaos in 'The Dunciad, in Four Books.' Russell, Rick 1778
Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology. Glover, Jon Book Review 599
Reading Dialogics. Cooper, Andrew R. Book Review 600
Readings in Medieval English Romance. Saunders, Corinne Book Review 771
Samuel Johnson and the Politics of Hanoverian England. Black, Jeremy Book Review 646
Sir Alexander Cumming and Defoe's 'Mercator.' Owens, W.R.; Furbank, Philip Nicholas 585
Spenser's Famous Flight: A Renaissance Idea of a Literary Career. Hadfieild, Andrew Book Review 1102
Swift's 'As Sure as God's in Gloc'ster' and the assurance of the Moderns. Sill, Geoffrey 653
The Art of the Brontes. Myer, Valerie Grosvenor Book Review 538
The Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays: A Sociolinguistic Study. Sams, Eric Book Review 760
the Classical Legacy in Renaissance Poetry. Hopkins, David Book Review 734
The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats, vol.3, 1901-1904. Grene, Nicholas Book Review 1492
The Collected Writings of T.E. Hulme. Whitworth, Michael Book Review 595
The Correspondence of Henry James and Henry Adams: 1877-1914. Richards, Bernard Book Review 758
The Dead. Caterson, S.J. Book Review 210
The death of Sterne's Yorick. Chalker, John 1199
The Duchess of Newcastle and John Lacy's 'Sauny the Scot.' Tuerk, Cynthia M. 877
The Early Poetry, vol.2, 'The Wanderings of Oisin' and Other Early Poems to 1895. Arkins, Brian Book Review 703
The English Faust Book: A Critical Edition Based on the Text of 1592. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 596
The Influence of John Donne: His Uncollected Seventeenth-Century Printed Verse. Robbins, Robin Book Review 1951
The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, vol. 8, A Supplement of New Letters. Gutteridge, J.D. Book Review 184
The Oxford Pamphlets, Leaflets and Circulars of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Watson, Margaret Book Review 577
The Patriot Opposition to Walpole. Politics, Poetry and National Myth. Black, Jeremy Book Review 630
The Poems of Charlotte Smith. Havely, Cicely Palser Book Review 913
The Poetics of Personification. Tuckett, Tabitha Book Review 1065
The Power of Eloquence and English Renaissance Literature. Chaudhuri, Sukanta Book Review 661
The Prose and the Passion: Anthropology, Literature and the writings of E.M. Forster. Watson, Kathleen Book Review 516
The Real Shakespeare: Retrieving the Early Years, 1564-1594. Merriam, Thomas Book Review 627
The Servant's Hand: English Fiction from Below. Embley, Keith Book Review 628
The Tables Turned, or Nupkins Awakened: A Socialist Interlude. Jackson, Ian Book Review 628
The Usurer's Daughter: Male Friendship and Fictions of Women in Sixteenth-Century England. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 538
The Vision of Edmund Leversedge: A 15th-century Account of a Visit to the Otherworld edited from BL MSS Additional 34,193 with an Introduction, Commentary and Glossary. Gillespie, Vincent Book Review 714
The Visionary D.H. Lawrence: Beyond Philosophy and Art. Kalnins, Mara Book Review 596
Tyndale's 'Bruterar' 'Prophesier, soothsayer': Welsh 'brudiwr' 'soothsayer.' Breeze, Andrew 567
William Morris: News From Nowhere and Other Writings. Phillips, C.L. Book Review 518
William Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra. Honan, Park Book Review 966
Words for OED from the Newdigate newsletters. Hines, Philip, Jr. 2326
Writing and the Rise of Finance: Capital Satires of the Early Eighteenth Century. Combe, Kirk Book Review 613

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