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Notes From Teacher, Parent: "Trans" Kids Are Mentally III.

According to a teacher and a mother who wrote letters to conservative columnist Rod Dreher, which were posted online March 1, parents and school officials encourage transgender behavior among children.

The two stated that "transgender" kids are often mentally ill and routinely disappear from the school roster when parents finally call in the skull doctors. In fact, the anonymous teacher observed that "trans" kids are in "desperately bad shape."

One student was "moody and unstable, and was withdrawn from school for mental health reasons in the middle of the year." Another wore buttons "declaring preferred pronouns." The "button-wearer mysteriously wasn't in our school anymore at the start of the next year. I asked her friends about it, but they could only shrug. Nobody ever heard from her again."

This year, the teacher has "a young man who has *fully* transitioned physically to a female, and who also (surprise!) has a host of major mental health problems." He is "a doped-up basket case so dysfunctional that he has to be removed from an incredibly tolerant, liberal school where he was literally celebrated for being a 'she.'"

How tolerant is "incredibly tolerant?" A Christian boy apologized for using the wrong pronoun on a "trans" classmate.

The teacher rightly concluded that the "trans" kids are "clearly suffering from massive mental and emotional problems" and "all their pronouns and transitioning do nothing to heal that."

A concerned mother who read the teacher's missive divulged that five percent of the students at her daughter's former school claim they are the opposite sex. Parents and teachers have "normalized" and encouraged the mental illness and support hormones and surgery. And some of the "trans" students "looked nothing like the sex they pretended to be. One boy looked exactly like a boy, yet went by a feminine girl's name and became hostile if anyone 'misgendered' him. These kids all presented differently, but what they all had in common were signs of autism and mental health issues."

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Title Annotation:Inside Track
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Date:Apr 22, 2019
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