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Note from the Editor: EHP expands information sharing on global health issues.

EHP is launching a new program to further disseminate information on global health issues to the international community. Last month, EHP entered into a partnership with the newly reformatted Spanish-language peer-reviewed journal Ciencia y Trabajo (C&T), formerly Boletin Cientifico. A principal feature of this agreement is the inclusion of an EHP section within C&T initially, 10 pages of C&T will be devoted to Spanish-language translations of EHP Environews articles. By agreement, those translations will also be made available on our website (

EHP develops and publishes a wealth of information directly related to global health issues. Much broader dissemination of this information will aid scientific exchange and policy discussions. Our decision to switch to an open access publishing model is helping to achieve this goat. However, to be most useful, environmental health information needs to be translated into other languages. Budgetary and resource considerations limit the number of translations we can produce on our own. In addition, we believe that the creation of regional journals as an outlet for research in developing countries should be encouraged. Therefore, we have launched this new partnership and are open to developing similar arrangements with other non English-language journals. We welcome nominations of such journals for consideration of inclusion of translated EHP content and strongly encourage our readers to contact the editors of their Favorite journals and urge them to pursue a relationship with EHP. The only cost involved for the partnering journal would be the cost for the translations. As with the C&T partnership, we would ask that the translated material be made available to EHP for inclusion on our website.

I especially welcome inquiries from participants in programs devoted to promoting and supporting scientific research and training internationally to reduce disparities in global health. The editors of C&T and EHP were brought together by Luz Claudio of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, working in the international arena supported by grants from die National Institutes of Health John E. Fogarty International Center's (FIC) International Training and Research Program in Environmental and Occupational Health. If you are involved in any of the FIC or similar programs and would like to discuss how EHP can partner with your group, please contact me.

The expansion of EHP content through sections in non-English-language journals is the latest initiative in our international outreach efforts. Other programs include complimentary print subscriptions to readers in developing countries, a Chinese-Language Edition published quarterly and distributed to 35,000 readers, an FIC initiative to partner with African journals, and translation of "In This Issue," which encapsulates each issue's news and research content, into five languages: Chinese. French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish (available online only).

Please join with us as we continue to seek new ways to improve global health through information sharing.

Thomas J. Goehl

Editor-in-Chief EHP

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

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Title Annotation:Guest Editorial
Author:Goehl, Thomas J.
Publication:Environmental Health Perspectives
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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