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Not why I voted Tory; views.

MR CAMERON thinks that throwing millions of pounds at problem families is going to change them. I don't think so.

They need the short sharp shock treatment that has been given to the morons involved in the recent riots. Pussyfooting around will not change the habits of the lowlife who persist in making life unbearable for the hardworking people around them. I would suggest cutting benefits on a monthly basis until they are thrown out on the streets would act as more of a deterrent than a cosy little chat with a personal counsellor. Why is it that people who abide by the rules and strive to better themselves by hard work and dedication get no mention or recognition yet unruly families are given priority treatment to mend their ways? Mr Cameron, I voted you in to do the right things for decent people who are in the majority - not suck up to the mindless minority because it is the majority who will keep you in power.

T P Russell, by email
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Dec 26, 2011
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