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Not very Christian; LETTERS.

SIR - In Roman times Christians were put to death for their beliefs. You'd have thought in this day and age we would be more civilised in our attitude to good Christian people.

Not so, it seems. The government's "Equality Bill" directive regarding "Equal Opportunities" is being used to persecute Christians again, in a more subtle way, as homosexual rights trump Christian rights in employment.

In a recent case of Gary Mcfarlane, a Christian counsellor who worked for Relate, was sacked from his job of many years, because he could not give an unequivocal commitment to help same-sex couples to improve their sex lives. It seems the government is only promoting its politically correct agenda, and riding roughshod over firmly-held Christian beliefs.

This decision is just the tip of the iceberg to persecute or prosecute Christians for their beliefs, and should be a stark warning to people of conscience in this nation that as a result of 12 years of Labour rule, the British establishment no longer values the democratic rights of its citizens to hold conscience as a matter of principle.

NORMAN PLAISTED Vivian Road, Newport
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 11, 2009
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