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Not to all tastes but Wotte gave food for thought; PARKS LIFE THE EX-PRO IN THE KNOW.

Some raised their Buckfast as Mark Wotte burgered off from Scottish football last week.

The Dutchman's departure from the SFA was celebrated by plenty, that's for sure.

A host of critics from the great and good of our game have lined up to give the former performance director a kicking. He has been branded a dictator, a bully and a self-promoting egotist who only looked to feather his own nest.

It was a no-holds barred assault on Wotte's contribution from the usual suspects as they passed comment on his three years of work in this country.

'' The It was also a case of deja vu. Interlopers into our parochial world often depart in ridicule. For Wotte, read Paul Le Guen, Berti Vogts, even good old Jozef Venglos.

Scots squad into It's not just the more exotic foreigners who take their leave on the ship of fools - just ask Pat Fenlon, Stephen King Kenny or Kenny Shiels.

quick Wotte returned to Holland last week with his head in his hands and sent a tweet: "Change management is always a challenge especially when people are not ready for it. Many have bought in to it, just a few didn't #opinions."

The fact is Wotte was always " going to be farting against the wind when he arrived at Hampden - if you pardon the French.

Let me first of all declare an interest in the debate over whether his stint was a failure or a success.

From the moment he pitched up in Mount Florida I've had the pleasure of enjoying a more than decent working relationship with the former Southampton boss.

Watching games with him all across Europe courtesy of covering the Scotland Under-21 side, he has provided introductions to the likes of Louis van Gaal and Ruud van Nistelrooy to name but a few.

On each occasion he has been greeted by football's aristocracy like an old friend and offered every respect and courtesy.

Off the record he would be the first to admit the remedy for the failings of our football require more than just better facilities and performance schools.

Earlier this year we spoke on the back of a depressing 6-1 defeat for our U21s against Holland which could have ended much worse.

He spoke of our "unique" culture and lifestyle issues as well as a basic genetic disadvantage compared to multi-cultural strongholds such as Holland. And he was right.

One recent U21 trip required a flight change in Zurich but it was long enough for the entire Scotland squad to dive into Burger King for a quick snack.

entire U21 dived Depressingly, not one Sa lt i re -emblazoned trackie could be seen opting for the healthy option right next door.

Burger Critics have cited his hefty salary for a snack '' and cost of other incidentals but let's get real. There are issues at the SFA requiring closer scrutiny than one employee's expense account. Scotland's U21 side faced Georgia recently in Paisley, the visitors had to get three different flights to get here, including a budget flight from Amsterdam.

Scotland's trip to the former Soviet state was on board a charter flight at the cost of PS95,000. I can confirm the silver service and the steak au poivre were great.

One game with Wotte in Spain, as Scotland's kids faced USA in 2012, - offered an insight into his frustration - and it involved Tony Watt.

The former Celtic kid's lack of application was more Homer Simpson than our latest bright hope. Wotte raced to the dressing room and told a few home truths.

Watt didn't listen and is still suffering the consequences. The SFA have now blanked Wotte as well and I'm sure that will haunt them too.

flight change long '' '' management The entire Scots U21 squad dived into Burger King for a quick snack


WOTTE didn't have Scots eating out of his hand with his radical views
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