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Not thinking also good for you.

If housework soothes the mind then cleaners must surely have the healthiest heads of all.

While many of us find cleaning a chore, David Bogon, who runs Shiny House Cleaning Services in Roath, Cardiff, finds carpet cleaning is the most relaxing aspect of his job.

"I can't say cleaning is as relaxing as lying on a beach," he said. "But it is good because you stop thinking about other things.

"Your brain is not heavily involved and you're trying to focus on doing the job properly, so you can forget about your problems. You focus on the simple things and stop thinking about the complicated things that can be stressful."

David's firm employs five staff who do most of the physical cleaning work, but he still gets involved occasionally and said he quite enjoys the opportunity to get away from the paperwork.

He said: "This is a hard job and it can be quite stressful because I'm thinking about my company a lot. And you're not just thinking about it from 8am to 6pm, you're thinking about it all the time because you need to think about the contracts, the timetable and your company. I own the company but I'm a carpet cleaner and when you do a physical job like that it does seem to help your brain so you feel better. Even though it makes you more tired physically, mentally you become more fresh. It's the same effect as hiking."


INSPIRATIONAL JOB: Agnieszka Czerniak, 27, of Shiny House Cleaning Services of Roath, Cardiff Picture: Peter Bolter
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 10, 2008
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