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Not the time to fan flames of extremism; Views of Wales.

SIR - I firmly believe that freedom of the press is an essential part of any democracy.

I have always challenged the racist comments spouted by UKIP and BNP, and joined the campaign against The Sun's gratuitous sexist Page 3; but I would defend to the death their right to publish, just as I defend my own right to campaign against them.

Likewise with Charlie Hebdo. I would uphold their creative freedom to publish the cartoons. But with freedom of the press comes responsibility.

Those cartoons have fanned the flames of religious intolerance. Christian churches, mosques and synagogues alike have been torched, and many killed in the violence.

It doesn't take rocket science to analyse why all this has taken place.

The Muslim community throughout the world feels under threat from the West.

On average 1,000 people a week have been killed in wars undertaken by the United States, Britain and Europe.

The straw which really broke the camel's back was when Cameron and other Western leaders flocked to Paris to march in the name of the victims of the intolerance they created.

It was extremely irresponsible of Charlie Hebdo to violate the deeply held religious beliefs of many Muslims with provocative cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad while the world is like a tinderbox.

I will never support racism or sexism, or religious intolerance in any form; but I cannot support "Charlie" while it continues to create so much gratuitous offence.

Ray Davies Bedwas, Caerphilly

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 23, 2015
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