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Not the shy retiring types.

THEY were the first American act to play the new Wembley Stadium. Sir Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella namecheck them among their favourite bands. The future seems bright for Shy Child. And, it seems they can''t keep away from Liverpool.

The New York electro duo are back in town in May, playing the O2 Academy.

"Thanks for having us back," says singer Pete Cafarella. "Liverpool is definitely among our favourite cities to play. We''ve had quality shows at Korova."

What''s the first thing you want to do when you get back here? "Kiss the ground passionately and bless the cruel chaotic turns of fate, that they should cause me to set a sinner''s foot upon the chaste hills of Her Majesty''s terra firma and compel me to deflower her golden skies." I''m not sure Pete is being entirely truthful, but I like the idea of it, nonetheless.

New album Liquid Love sees Shy Child venture into more mellow territory; the hyperactive sonic invasion of their earlier work has been softened by glistening layers of house and synthesised, smooth falsetto vocals.

It''s packed with twinkling, elegant electronic pop of the highest order, with some naughty winks to the past - the title track boldly reappropriates the central riff from Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere as the starting point for a shimmering pop odyssey Teaser tracks Disconnected and Criss Cross revealed a progression in sound, with addictive melodies colliding upon luxurious electro soundscapes, but the standout track has to be The Beatles.

"The melody in the chorus is kind of a rip-off of a Nelly Furtado song that came out a few years back," explains Pete. "So the lyrics allude to the Beatles because all of Western popular music can be traced back to ideas forged by them. Obviously everyone has heard them, so the idea of 'breaking ground'' in a pop context is problematic."

Paul and Stella McCartney have both said how much they love your music. Are you fans of theirs? "Yes fans of both of them," says Pete. "Paul is the man, clearly, and I especially respect Stella for not using animal products in her designs."

I ask Pete what they listen to on the Shy Child tour bus.

"We''re pretty much all hip-hop all the time, for some reason," he says. "I have a 2001 iPod which is jam-packed with unholy floor destroyers."

If he wasn''t in a band, Pete says he''d like to be an armchair philosopher, so in philosophical mode, I offer him three wishes.

"A private solemn ivory thinking tower for every citizen," he ponders. "The ability to perform subtle non-invasive plastic surgery on strangers as they sleep in their homes, and the ability to drive a car with my mind so I can use my hands to eat a sandwich.". Shy Child play the O2 Academy on May 7. For details see


SHY CHILD: Back in Liverpool soon
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 26, 2010
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