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Not that Kevin Lewis.

Our front-page story two weeks ago--a reader favorite, if Web traffic is a good indicator--about a veteran process server and his search for bond scammer Kevin Lewis has caused some heartburn for another veteran process server whose name is, you guessed it, Kevin Lewis.

Kevin D. Lewis has owned Lewis Civil Processing of Benton since 1994, which makes him even more of a veteran process server than the subject of our March 14 story, Andy Myers.

In addition to serving summonses, Kevin D. Lewis is a bail bondsman.

Now, readers of Arkansas Business are not likely to confuse bail bonds with the type of improvement district bonds that suspended attorney Kevin H. Lewis of Little Rock was manufacturing out of whole cloth. But some of Kevin D. Lewis' clients only know one kind of bond, so he said he got calls from clients who heard about the other Lewis from TV news reports when the $50 million scam first started unfolding and were afraid their bail bonds were in question.

Then our headline--"Lenders' Search for Kevin Lewis Serious Business; Veteran Process Server Relates 'Look of Terror'"--made things even worse, he said. Correlation isn't necessarily causation, but Kevin D. Lewis said last week that his business phone had gone suddenly quiet.

Kevin D. Lewis told Whispers he would dearly love to help settle the claims against Kevin H. Lewis.

"I'd like to serve him with everything he's got coming," he said.

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Title Annotation:WHISPERS
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Mar 28, 2011
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