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Not only journalist prosecuted but Turkish democracy, says Suna Vidinli.

ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- As Cihan News Agency we Not only journalist prosecuted but Turkish democracy, says Suna Vidinli made an interview with Harvard graduated Suna Vidinli, who one of the journalists fired from his job from Turkish TV channel said, today is not only journalists are being prosecuted but Turkish democracy is being prosecuted.

In an answering a questing of our reporter, Vidinli said that, these are the dark days for Turkish democracy. I don't think that is Ekrem Dumanly Editor- in-chief of Turkey's bestselling newspaper and Hidayet Karaca, who is one of the most prominent editors --in-chief of big media group in Turkey were so up been prosecuted today, but, Turkish democracy is being prosecuted and the laws are not been respected, this judicial scandal!.. Because they were held in detention more than fourth hours also they held limited access to their lawyers and they were not given waters even he has to take medicine but he wasn't even able to drink water with that.

Attracting attention the duration of the detention period, Vidinli noted that usually length of detention itself was sort of a punishment, today we are expecting them to be taken to be refer to the court and may be they will be arrested because this is the government orchestrated investigation.

Touching upon the U.S and EU reaction and criticism on the detention, Vidinli stated that, they(court) could not find any evidence to sue them with so they are trying to make up evidence probably the entire world I mean U.S State Department European Union (EU) they have all express criticism at this process its Turkish democracy that's been prosecuted so I think international world should pay more attention to what's going on here.

Continuing his remarks, Vidinli also stated that, -As you can see there many people here are supporting the process. People follow process from all sides, from the liberal, from the right side from the left side everybody is trying to support what's going on.

"How this is process is started! You(government) start first with jailing the journalist, then you start jailing the businessmen and you go on the artists. So is entire Turkish democracy is going to be prosecuted soon and it's remind us of the coup days to be honest. We hope that may be with the help of this people as well this process ends very soon. "These people have done nothing wrong, so there is already enough on Turkish media. It's a media crackdown as well. Turkish will stand against this we hoping thank you," added Vidinli.


Thursday, December18, 2014

-Var explanation of journalist Suna Vidinli in front of Istanbul Courthouse in Ecay-layan



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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Dec 18, 2014
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