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Not on the checklist?

Frank Bowlin's October 2009 article on zero-zero takeoffs, "Can't See Nuthin'," was excellent. It clearly articulated the issues surrounding this procedure. I have the opportunity to fly several times per week with my consulting business and have been faced with this weather situation before.


One additional check to make is being sure that the baggage door and airplane doors are properly closed and secured. I have had the door pop open during the takeoff roll on my Bonanza, fortunately in VFR conditions. If that happens during a zero-zero takeoff, the pilot must "fly the airplane" and land. Options for landing should be preplanned and hopefully at an airport with more suitable conditions.

Randal F. Wojciehoski

Stevens Point, Wis.

Well said. Of course, checking doors and windows before takeoff is on some checklist, somewhere. But, especially in a situation where we can't immediately return to the departure airport, we always try to double- and triple-check stupid stuff like door latches, appropriate charts and the like before taking the runway You'd be surprised at the stuff we've found.

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Author:Wojciehoski, Randal F.
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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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