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Advertisements for vacation cruises are covered with appealing images of sparkling blue skies, private islands and luxurious amenities. However, Ross A. Klein has exposed what he calls "the underside of the cruise industry" in his new book Cruise Ship Blues (New Society Publishing, $14.95). It is a horrifying catalogue of the free-for-all at sea that cruise lines fail to mention to their patrons. For example, most customers don't know that these big boats dump raw sewage and garbage at sea. None of the brochures offer pictures of wildlife threatened by the industry or underpaid, fatigued workers. And there's less than full disclosure of incidents of food poisoning, communicable illnesses and sexual assault on these pleasure vessels. Before consumers set sail, it may be wise to read this book.--L.R.Z.
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Title Annotation:'Cruise Ship Blues'
Author:Zandstra, Laura Ruth
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2003
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