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Not grief-stricken.

I can't begin to tell you with what relief I read Father Henry Fehren's statement about Pope John Paul II's reign in the July You May Be Right section.

A couple of people who know I am Catholic came up to me offering condolences when they heard of Pope John Paul's death. I merely smiled and said nothing. What they didn't know was how much I truly abhorred his different positions, especially his stance on homosexuality.

The man did everything in his power to aggravate and to set back any dialogue between Rome and the gay world. I remember reading how appalled he was that the gay community in Italy was "desecrating" his Jubilee Year by meeting just outside of Rome. I thought to myself, "What a small, small man."

It was truly a breath of fresh air when I read Fehren's letter. I couldn't have expressed it better. "In what does his sanctity consist?" In his unabashed disdain for everything gay? In his reluctance to hear unorthodox views on birth control, women in the clergy, or any issue that didn't reflect his own myopic views? Truly Fehren was moved by the Spirit when he wrote that comment.

I felt compelled to write and express my gratitude to you for publishing this particular letter.

Name withheld

Saint Clair Shores, Mich.
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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