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Not a single widow approached to prepare gravestone of her deceased husband, discloses veteran artisan.

Islamabad -- Tahir, a 60 years old artisan at work of preparing gravestone has disclosed that in his entire life there was not a single widow who visited her shop who has had ordered to prepare headstone of his deceased husband.

Exclusively talking to 'Daily Morning Mail', he said he was associated with this business of writing on tombstones of marble since the childhood but even there was not a single widow who had visited the shop to order preparing a headstone for her deceased husband.

Although it was hard work but he was still receiving Rs 100 against preparing a piece, he lamented. He informed that due to his difficult work, his eyesight has become weak while his back has developed a curve.

Tahir said he was compelled to do this work because there was no alternate source of income to feed his siblings and other family members. He said his hands have had strong grip with the power of hammer to write on a stone and also vowed to continue this work till his last breath.

Factory owner Munawar justified that Tahir was being paid like the other experts, doing this business, saying the revenue was very less in this business so low wages were being paid to Tahir and other artisan. He said that actual cost of the marble was bigger than the writing. He informed that price of tombstone, which is prepared with common stone was Rs 1000 while price of Granite and precious marble ranges from Rs 10,000 and above.

Giving details of the writing, he said visitors of his shop belong to different thoughts and social classes while most of the visitors were siblings whose parents were died while some parents order to prepare tombstone for their sister, brother or children but this number was very small.

Munawar told that some overseas Pakistanis bring marble from abroad and order artisans working his shop to write name, death date and Quran verses while some only pay money in advance and ask to visit grave alongwith to prepare tombstone and later send them pictures through Whatsapp.

He told that once a half-mad person visited his shop who wanted to write poetry based on love on headstone but has had nothing to pay for it so his desire was not fulfilled. He said there were some visitors who had spent their life in poverty but their children earned lots of money and such people used to like to be written such poetry on gravestones.

'Umar Bhar Aap ki Aghosh main Paltay rahy,

Jab Hum Howy Khidmat Kay Qabil Aap Chal Basay' mean you did each and everything so that we could grow up but when we grew up to serve you you were no more.

Munawar told that most of the people love to write Quranic verses on the headstones but most written poetry was 'Barish Ho Teri Lahad par Allah Kay Noor Ki Milay Shafaat Tujhy Roze-e-Qayamat Hazoor KI' mean may blessings shower on your grave and on the day of judgment you may get the proximity of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

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Publication:The Messenger (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Dec 12, 2017
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