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Not a 'polish' camp.

I write to you with great disappointment in regards to your recent publication Volume 15 Issue 8 and the corresponding article by Norm Shannon "The devil's dues." In this article, the author refers to two Canadians who were captured and held in "a Polish concentration camp." I would like to make it very clear there never was such a thing.

There were German concentration camps in Poland, but there were never any "Polish concentration camps." This mistake is made far too often in civilian circles, and others where the historically challenged can be found, but to read it in an otherwise excellent military publication such as yours is unacceptable. Please ensure this never occurs again.

Lt. (ret'd) Mitch Lutczyk

1st Polish Armoured Div., Canadian 2nd Corps
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Title Annotation:POSTED IN: Letters to the editor
Author:Lutczyk, Mitch
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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