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Analysis of Facial Skeletal Morphology: Nasal Bone, Maxilla, and Mandible. Chen, Han-Sheng; Hsiao, Szu-Yu; Lee, Kun-Tsung Report May 25, 2021 5002
Methods of Analysis of the Nasal Profile: A Systematic Review with Meta-analysis. Jankowska, Agnieszka; Janiszewska-Olszowska, Joanna; Jedlinski, Maciej; Grocholewicz, Katarzyna Report Mar 16, 2021 9245
Breathing through the nose aids memory storage. Nov 15, 2018 531
TWO YEAR HOSPITAL BASED STUDY ON RHINOSPORIDIOSIS IN AND AROUND DHANBAD DISTRICT, JHARKHAND, INDIA. Banerjee, Bejoy Chand; Singh, Binay Kumar; Prasad, Raj Kumar; Shankar, Ravi; Kumar, Pramod Report May 28, 2018 1339
Part Three: The Nose. Khan, Shameelah Poem Mar 22, 2018 116
Masking over the damage: After sustaining a broken nose, Real Madrid and Spain football player Sergio Ramos wore a protective 3D printed carbon fibre face mask on the pitch. Mar 1, 2018 387
REVIEW OF NASAL CHANGES WITH MAXILLARY ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY/Ust Cenede Yapilan Ortognatik Cerrahi Girisimler Sonrasinda Burunda Meydana Gelen. Degisikliklerin Degerlendirilmesi. Khamashta-Ledezma, Leila; Naini, Farhad B.; Manisali, Mehmet Report Oct 15, 2017 4595
Solitary Osteoma within the Cavity of a Pneumatized Middle Turbinate. Peric, Aleksandar; Cvoric, Mirjana; Durdevic, Biserka Vukomanovic Case study Jun 1, 2017 2103
Fetal Nasal Bone Length as a Novel Marker for Prediction of Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in the First-Trimester of Pregnancy. Canda, Mehmet Tunc; Demir, Namik; Sezer, Orcun Report Mar 1, 2017 3074
Effect of Nonsmooth Nose Surface of the Projectile on Penetration Using DEM Simulation. Han, Jing; Li, Dong; Wang, Wenhao; Chen, Zhigang Report Jan 1, 2017 4396
The nose knows how to fight staph: new type of antibiotic found in human nasal secretions. Emerson, Eva Aug 20, 2016 469
Idiopathic nasal bone osteitis: a preliminary report on a recently recognized entity. Shkedy, Yotam; Ronen, Ohad; Gips, Sarah; Front, Avi; Marshak, Tal; Uri, Nechama Brief article Aug 1, 2016 136
Study of foetal nasal bone length during 15-38 weeks of gestation in women of Northern India (U.P.) and its comparison with western and other Asian women. Gupta, D.P.; Gupta, Ratna Prabha; Saxena, D.K.; Gupta, Hem Prabha; Zaidi, Zeeshan Report Aug 1, 2016 2521
Only the Nose Knows Earth. Paterson, Carrie Jul 1, 2016 1009
Cold noses coddle colds. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Feb 7, 2015 185
Nose cells offer knee cartilage fix: patches grown from nasal tissue perform well in goats. Seppa, Nathan Oct 4, 2014 524
Effectiveness of nasal endoscopy and C.T. scan of nose and paranasal sinuses in diagnosing sino-nasal conditions. Deosthale, Nitin V.; Singh, Bhanupratap; Khadakkar, Sonali P.; Harkare, Vivek V.; Dhoke, Priti R.; D Report Apr 7, 2014 3594
Saddle-nose deformities in the rheumatology clinic. Schreiber, Benjamin E.; Twigg, Sarah; Marais, Joe; Keat, Andrew C.S. Apr 1, 2014 116
Management of leech infestation without epistaxis in a calf. Velavan, A.; Vijayanand, V.; Methai, A. Report Jan 1, 2014 691
CBCT evaluation of bony nasal pyramid dimensions in Iranian population: a comparative study with ethnic groups. Naser, Asieh Zamani; Boroujeni, Mariyya Panahi Report Jan 1, 2014 3138
Comparison of clinical differences between patients with allergic rhinitis and nonallergic rhinitis. Akarcay, Mustafa; Miman, Murat C.; Erdem, Tamer; Oncel, Semih; Ozturan, Orhan; Selimoglu, Erol Brief article Sep 1, 2013 215
A comparative study of nasal ergonomics of two ethical groups. Parashar, Rekha; Saxena, Dhiraj; Parashar., Navneet Report May 20, 2013 2073
Say what? Shugart, Jessica Brief article Apr 6, 2013 116
The Pinocchio effect? Brief article Mar 11, 2013 156
Endoscopic view of an "empty nose". Christmas, Dewey A.; Mirante, Joseph P.; Yanagisawa, Eiji Case study Feb 1, 2013 412
It pays to be nosy. Solomon, Hana R. Jan 1, 2013 1349
Nasal deformity accompanying upper lip sebaceous carcinoma without neoplasm extension. Kavoussi, Hossein; Ramazani, Mazaher; Ebrahimi, Ali Report Mar 31, 2012 1017
A novel V- silicone vestibular stent: preventing vestibular stenosis and preserving nasal valves. AL-Bassam, Wameedh; Bhargava, Deepa; Al-Abri, Rashid Case study Jan 1, 2012 1920
Nose divvies up smell sensors: scent detector segregation suggests innate preferences. Bascom, Nick Nov 19, 2011 311
Nostrils not equal in pigeons. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Feb 26, 2011 128
What the nose should know. Davenport, Nick Jan 1, 2011 853
In Praise of Big Noses. Karim, Persis M. Poem Mar 22, 2010 408
Nasal foreign body as the cause of a subperiosteal orbital abscess in a child. Webb, Benjamin D.; Pereira, Kevin D.; Fakhri, Samer Brief article Feb 1, 2010 82
What's in a nose? A dog is more than a nose on four legs, but that doesn't diminish the wonderment of that marvelous organ. Arnette, Joe Oct 1, 2009 794
A Mixed Girl's Nose Speaks. Betts, Tara Poem Jan 1, 2009 270
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Column Nov 1, 2007 554
Noisy nose. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 140
Inevitable change. Falcioni, John G. Editorial Jul 1, 2006 578
Nasal washing, a time-tested treatment, often overlooked. Mar 13, 2006 357
you asked. B., Samantha Feb 1, 2006 104
Myth of the bad-nose birds: study of avian sense of smell recovers from Audubon's blunder. Milius, Susan Cover Story Aug 20, 2005 2303
Strep lingers in nose. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Aug 15, 2005 218
Noses didn't need cold to evolve. Brief Article Apr 23, 2005 183
Endoscopic view of a clival skull base tumor invading the sphenoid space. Yanagisawa, Eiji Jan 1, 2005 638
Let's find out. Rogers, Sheila Nov 1, 2004 156
Paramedian forehead flap for the reconstruction of large nasal defects. Zimbler, Marc S. Brief Article May 1, 2004 217
A simple a reliable method of patient evaluation in the surgical treatment of nasal obstruction. (Original Article). Miller, Philip J. Oct 1, 2002 2108
Cocaine-induced oronasal fistulas with external nasal erosion but without palate involvement. (Original Article). Kass, Erik S. Aug 1, 2002 1129
Schneiderian papilloma of the nasopharynx. (Original Article). Ramesh, Girija May 1, 2002 1333
Technique and timing for closed reduction of isolated nasal fractures: A retrospective study. (Original Article). Schipper, Jorg Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 3610
Reconstructing the shape of the nose according to the skull. Prokopec, Miroslav; Ubelaker, Douglas H. Jan 1, 2002 1290
Dabbing that bloody nose. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 472
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Column Dec 1, 2001 416
What's your diagnosis? An elderly white male patient presented with a red, swollen, bulbous nose. (Derm Diagnosis). Bates, Betsy Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 323
Ask Doctor Cory. Servaas, Cory Jul 1, 2001 701
Nasal glioma: A case report. Leu, Yi-Shing Jun 1, 2001 818
LET'S FIND OUT. Rogers, Sheila Dec 1, 2000 156
Nasal congestion: A review of its etiology, evaluation, and treatment. Ng, Bernard A. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 5235
Giant benign sinonasal squamous papilloma: Report of a case. Hasselt, C. Andrew van Sep 1, 2000 1089
The vomeronasal organ: An objective anatomic analysis of its prevalence. Conran, Richard M. Aug 1, 2000 1705
Endoscopic view of the sites of origin of nasal polyps. Yanagisawa, Ray Jul 1, 2000 418
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 548
Endoscopic view of middle turbinate polyps. Yanagisawa, Eiji May 1, 2000 443
Tornwaldt's cyst. Valvassori, Galdino May 1, 2000 126
The role of rhinomanometry, acoustic rhinometry, and mucociliary transport time in the assessment of nasal patency. Bellussi, Luisa May 1, 2000 1754
Anatomy of the uncinate process. Yanagisawa, Eiji Apr 1, 2000 215
Rebuilding the inferior turbinate with hydroxyapatite cement. Rice, Dale H. Apr 1, 2000 467
Endoscopic view of the lateral nasal wall following sinonasal surgery. Joe, John K. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 501
Nasal foreign body: Removal of an open safety pin from the left nostril. Wohl, Daniel L. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 912
Each nostril smells the world differently. Milius, S. Brief Article Nov 6, 1999 586
UK researchers. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 212
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Oct 1, 1999 488
Nasal splints. Sep 1, 1999 198
The use of spacers to prevent postoperative middle meatal adhesions. Joe, John K. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 600
Ask Doctor Cory. Jul 1, 1999 648
ABOUT SNOUTS. Churchman, Deborah Mar 1, 1999 773
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Jan 1, 1999 638
My mom is always telling me not to blow my nose so hard. Can this cause a problem? SerVaas, Cory Mar 1, 1998 132
BENEFIT ALERT. Feb 1, 1998 306
Who knows noses? Spinelli, Eileen Dec 1, 1997 111
RSV specimen collection methods: nasal vs. nasopharyngeal. Brenton, Sue Nov 1, 1997 1714
Why does my nose plug up when I cry? SerVaas, Cory Sep 1, 1996 214
What lurks inside a dinosaur's nose? Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Nov 18, 1995 244
When I have a bad cold, my nose gets plugged. What causes a stuffy nose? SerVaas, Cory Oct 1, 1995 152
Take a whiff! Dec 1, 1994 195
I have a stuffy nose almost every day of the year. Why? SerVaas, Cory Jul 1, 1994 112
You and your stuffy nose. Pamphlet Jan 1, 1993 1521
Surgery of the nose. Pamphlet Jan 1, 1992 1728
Molecular odor-eaters. Vaughan, Christopher May 28, 1988 272
Smelling smells. Aug 16, 1986 149

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