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Norwegian pilots worried about safety at Norwegian airports.


Sandefjord's Torp airport is one of the Norwegian airports deemed unsafe by Norsk Flygerforbund (the Norwegian pilots' association).

The association has said that only one of the runways is safe enough at Torp, but the airport is still one of only two in Norway that at least partly fulfil international safety regulations. The problem with the other Torp runway, which receives aircraft arriving from the north, is that it lacks ILS, instruments for precision approaches, and the lights are too short and weak. The other airport that meets international standards is Oslo's Gardermoen airport, according to the pilots' association.

The association has also pointed out that neither the airlines nor the Norwegian authorities have the money to improve the airports. The problems affecting the airports appear to be either bad lights or too short runways.

The association has said there is a risk that the next accident involving aircraft in Norway may be caused by the lack of sufficient safety measures, with runways lacking precision instruments for the approach being one of the main risk factors, as such instruments function as a guidance system in bad weather.

Magne Ryggetangen, the operations director of Torp airport, has acknowledged that one of the runways does not meet international standards, but said he does not think that the safety standard is too low as a result. Ryggetangen admitted however that in bad weather aircraft cannot land at the airport and this causes delays. There are currently no plans to improve the approach lights and install ILS equipment for the northern runway at the airport, according to Sandefjords Blad, a Norwegian regional newspaper.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Jan 17, 2001
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