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Norwegian curlers' colorful pants dazzle fans.

The Norwegian men's Olympic curling team is making a splash at PyeongChang with their un-athletic-looking, flashy and colorful pants in the preliminary rounds.

With a record of two wins and three losses as of Saturday, Norway was in joint fifth place with Great Britian, Italy and the United States and was not touted as much as the undefeated Swedish team in terms of performance.

The Norwegians rather drew attention for wearing heart-covered pants on Valentine's Day and flower-decorated pants Feb. 15.

On their first day of the 2018 Olympic competition against Japan on Feb. 14, the four players -- Thomas Ulsrud, Torger Nergaard, Christoffer Svae and Haavard Vad Petersson -- were in candy-pink pants covered in pink and red hearts in honor of Valentine's Day.

The pink pants did not dazzle the Japanese and Norway lost 6-4.

The team, however, continued its mini-fashion show again Feb. 15.

Its players wore red-blue-white pants decorated with the Rose of Sharon in their match against Canada. Norway lost 7-4.

In its first win over South Korea on Feb. 16, they toned it down a bit and featured pants with a "tame" red, white and blue circle pattern.

The Norwegians first wore colorful pants in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Before then, the curling pants were fairly nondescript and the athletes traditionally wore black.

The team cemented its fashion icon status at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, sporting a wide variety of Norway-themed slacks as well as zigzag, swirls and wildcard floral.

The team has over 480,000 Facebook followers who are dedicated to not the team but their pants.

They have 11 other outfits prepared for the PyeongChang Winter Games that will be unveiled as they advance through the competition.

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Publication:The Korea Times News (Seoul, Korea)
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Date:Feb 18, 2018
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