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Norton Co. (New Products Reviewed).

Norton Co., Worcester, MA has applied its see-through AVOS technology to bonded wheels with introduction of depressed center wheels containing notches along the wheel periphery. Because the new wheels offer a view of the entire work surface during grinding, operators can work at very low 5 degree to 15 degree angles for greater surface contact and a smoother, flatter surfaces in less time. Norton also added "Jumbo" Type 27 flap discs that boast of 40 percent longer life than standard flap discs and capabilities that range from stock removal to blending and finishing in one operation. Rapid Strip is the latest addition to their Bear-Tex family of non-woven synthetic abrasives. New rubber clearance wheels, designed to improve twist drill grinding, feature advanced bonds that give a high-quality reflective finish without workpiece burn. 508.795.5709
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Author:Giese, Theodore L.
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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