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Articles from Northwest Review (November 1, 2011)

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"Pigeons Nest". Clary, Killarney Poem 139
"We Watched Ravens". Clary, Killarney Poem 117
18. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 238
20. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 150
A Brace for Barbara. Yenser, Stephen Poem 148
A response to "Portrait of the Artist with Li Po". Sze, Arthur Critical essay 496
Afield with a Man and a Gun. Smith, Dave (American poet) Critical essay 1795
An Outtakes Sestet: "Sky Guy". Buckley, Christopher Critical essay 757
And And And. Tillinghast, Richard Poem 778
At Shelley's Grave. Morrison, Peter (American writer) Poem 851
Being Charles Wright. Baker, Aaron Critical essay 1191
Big-O-Man. Anderson, Susan D. Poem 132
Charles and I Look at the Moon. Tate, James Essay 563
Charles Wright and The Poetry of Prayer. Ramazani, Jahan Critical essay 2443
Chimbu Burial. Baker, Aaron Poem 142
China Journal. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 157
Dedication & editor's note. Anderson, Daniel Editorial 308
Engagements with light. Hillman, Brenda Critical essay 1046
Eugenio Montale's "The Eel". Montale, Eugenio Poem 182
Five Questions for the Art of Ramon Llull. Morrison, Peter (American writer) Poem 856
Flat-Lit. Gregerson, Linda Critical essay 812
Ham-Colored Clay. Twichell, Chase Essay 611
Hard Freight, "The New Poem," and My Ignorance. Hummer, T.R. Critical essay 1337
I Left My Couch in Tatamagouche. Tate, James Poem 176
Improvisations on Charles Wright. Collier, Michael Critical essay 1492
In Praise of Charles Wright. Strand, Mark Essay 337
In the Charles Wright Museum. Hongo, Garrett Kaoru Critical essay 8050
Laguna Blues. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 181
Manifest Destiny. Baker, Aaron Poem 185
Montale/Wright: the Italian Charles. Galassi, Jonathan White Critical essay 992
My Neighbor, Charles Wright. Beattie, Ann Essay 1172
No ordinary place. Simic, Charles Critical essay 657
Nunc Stans: on "Star Turn". Lysaker, John Critical essay 999
Offering. Song, John Poem 275
On "China Journal" and traveling with Charles Wright to Tu Fu's cottage. Kingston, Maxine Hong Critical essay 677
On being fascinated by Littlefoot. Prampolini, Gaetano Critical essay 788
On Charles Wright's "Snow". St. John, David Critical essay 317
On Seldom Going to the Movies. Su, Adrienne Poem 179
Portrait of the Artist with Li Po. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 213
Rambling on My Mind. Hirsch, Edward (American poet) Critical essay 1578
Rockefeller Center. Baker, Aaron Sonnet 194
Silence vs. Music. Twichell, Chase Poem 138
Sky Guy. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 107
Softly, the undernotes. Doran, Geri Critical essay 732
Soul Journals: the Daily Devotions of Charles Wright. Jarman, Mark Foster Critical essay 6505
Sprung Rhythm of a Landscape. Komunyakaa, Yusef Poem 437
Star Turn. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 119
Terse Wisdom, Casual, Not Lofty. Su, Adrienne Essay 1333
The Book of Toledo. Handal, Nathalie Poem 384
The Childhood of St. Thomas. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 107
The Monastery at Vrsac. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 188
The New Poem. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 102
The Wounded Horse and a Tree in an Old Night. Handal, Nathalie Poem 375
There's No Blue Like the Blue of Plumbago. Morrison, Peter (American writer) Poem 612
Time and the Centipedes of Night. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 248
Umbrian Dreams. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 199
Varieties of Religious Experience. Buckley, Christopher (American poet) Poem 591
Walking with Charles. Young, David (American educator) Essay 1221
Watching My Grandson Play Mamillius in The Winter's Tale. Young, David (American educator) Poem 225
Where to Find Me. Simic, Charles Poem 169
Yellow Wings. Wright, Charles (American poet) Poem 101

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