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Northern marts.

St Boswells

April 8

John Swan Limited conducted their "first" Special April sale selling 807cattle and 28 ewes with lambs.

A quality entry of cattle were an exceptional trade with a full ringside of local, Aberdeenshire and Yorkshire buyers well represented.

Leading Prices: Bullocks (blue). Lim.x: u855, u770 (twice) Thirlestane, u835, u745, u740 Sharplaw H, u755, u750, u732 Corsbie, u750, u745 Outerston, u740 Byrewalls.

Sim.x: u778,u728 Corsbie, u655 Parkhill, u655, u630 Birkenside, u610 Greenknowe.

AAx: u800, u690 Thirlestane, u660, u635 Greenknowe, u625 Birkenside.

Blo.x: u830, u770, u745 Thirlestane, u755 Nairns Mains, u725 Sharplaw H, u655 Cortleferry.

Cha.x: u770, u765, u760, u752 Byrewalls, u760, u750, u745 Setonhill, u735 Cortleferry, u720 Burnhouse Mains, Carfrae.

B.Blue: u710 Sharplaw H, u665 u600 Quixwood, u640 u625 u600 Stichill Home

Farm. Bullocks (white). Lim.x: u620 Crossflat, u555 South Falaknowe.

Sim.x: u575 Heriot Mill, u570 Castleside.

Heifers. Lim.x: u590 Overhall, u572 Upper Keith, u552 South Falaknowe, u530 Currie Inn, u525 Brothershiels, u510 Hopton. Cha.x: u570 Upper Keith, u548 Kaeside, u532 Timpendean, u525 Carfrae, u518 Todshawhaugh.

Sim.x: u625, u505 Greenknowe, u480 Parkhill, Heriot Mill.

AAx: u515 Currie Inn, u455 Birkenside.

B. Blue: u685 South Falaknowe, u560, u552 Stichill Home Farm.

Blo.x u450 Parkhill.

Bullocks (per kg) (blue) averaged 141.1ppkg overall. Lim.x: 166.6p Cortleferry,158.5p Outerston, 158.2p Upper Samieston, 156.8p Bankhouse, 154.7p Swinnie, 154p 153.9p Saughtree, 153.4p Whitchesters. Sim.x: 158p Whitchesters, 149.5p 144.1p Corsbie, 137p Birkenside. AAx: 150.1p 143.8p Greenknowe, 143.6p Upper Samieston. Blo.x: 170.4p 154p Cortleferry, 166.7p 145.9p Parkhill, 149.9p 148.7p Thirlestane, 148p Nairns Mains. Cha.x: 170p, 165.6p Carfrae, 168.4p, 162.9p Nether Howden, 153.9p Blegbie, 152.8p Quixwood, 151.8p Dryden. B Blue 146.2p Quixwood, 141.2p Sharplaw H, 139.5p Stichill Home Farm. Bullocks (white) Lim.x: 193.8p Crossflat, 168.2p South

Falaknowe. Sim.x 164.3p Heriot Mill, 150p Castleside.

Heifers averaged 120.8ppkg overall. Lim.x: 148.6p 136.4p Upper Keith, 135.6p 129.1p Hopton, 131.9p, 131.6p, 131.3p Upper Samieston. Cha.x: 134.8p Upper Keith, 131.7p Carfrae, 130.5p, 124.4p Heavyside, 128.7p 126.3p Todshawhaugh, 128.2p Timpendean. Sim.x: 136.7p Blackcastle, 126.3p Greenknowe. AAx: 114.3p

Nether Howden. Blo.x: 122.3p Parkhill. B. Blue 143.6p 126.5p StichillHome Farm.

Ewes with lambs. Scotch Mule with twins: u133, u116 Burnhouse Mains.

April 13

Char-x Heifers: 112.5p, 111.5p, 107.5p & 106.5p Flotterton. Lim-x Heifers: 106.5p & 105.5p Yetlington. South Devon Heifers: 105.5p The Granary. Heavy Heifer: 112.5p Average 105.2p

The mart sold 858 head of prime hoggs at their weekly primestock sale.

Suffolk x: u71 Long Myers, u70.50 Grange Farm, u70 Long Myers, u69.50 Long Myers, u69 Nilston Rigg, u68.50 Flotterton, u67 Long Myers, u66 Hard Riding & Bavington Mount, u65.80 Colepike, u65.40 Long Myers.

133.3p & 129p Shield Farm, 125.8p Long Myers, 125.1p East Butsfield, 125p Grange Farm, 124.4p Low Hall & Grange Farm (twice), 123.9p Hard Riding, 122.8p Grange Farm, 122.5p Bolam West Houses, 122.3p Low Hall.

Texel x: u69.50 Grange Farm, u66.20 Long Myers & Hard Riding, u66 Low Hedgeley, u64.80 Grange Farm, u64 Townfoot, u62 Bavington Mount, u58.20 Townfoot, u58 Townfoot & Hotbank, u57.80 Channel Well, u57 Grange Farm & Aydonshields.

134.6p Shield Farm & Channel Well, 134.4p Channel Well, 131.3p Hotbank, 129.8p Low Hall, 129.3p Shield Farm, 128p Shield Farm, 127.8p Grange Farm, 127.7p Hard Riding, 127p Gardeners Cottage, 126.7p Aydonshields, 125.7p White House, 125.6p Ladyhill.

Mule: u66 Long Myers, u65 Farneyshield, u61.80 East Butsfield, u61 Hotbank, u57.50 Flotterton, u56.50 Townfoot, u55.50 Channel Well, u54.50 East Butsfield, u52.50 Middle Horsleyhope, u52 Low Hedgeley, u51.20 Channel Well.

128p Channel Well, 127.7p Shield Farm, 121.2p & 121.1p East Butsfield, 120.9p Low Hedgeley, 119.8p Flotterton, 119.1p East Butsfield & Hotbank, 115.8p Long Myers, 115.6p Channel Well.

Blackface: u60.50 High Staward, u57.50 Viewley Farm, u55.50 & u54 Nilston Rigg, u52.50 Flotterton, u49.60 Viewley Farm, u49 Nilston Rigg, u48 Hotbank.

130.5p Viewley Farm, 128.6p Nilston Rigg, 124.4p Viewley Farm, 123.6p Sewingshields, 118.8p Hotbank, 118.6p High Staward, 116.7p Nilston Rigg.

Swaledale u60 Farneyshield, u48 White House, u46.50 East Butsfield, u44.80 Longlea, u44.50 Ouston Farm.

125.7p East Butsfield, 123.1p White House, 121.1p Longlea.

Cheviot x u62.60 Town Park, u57.50 Flotterton, u54.50 Town Park & Flotterton.

139.7p, 131.3p & 125p Flotterton, 120.4p Town Park.

Char x u59.50 & 124p Aydonshields, u47.50 & 118.8p Wydon Park.

acob: u46, u43 & 113.2p Catless

Cast Sheep

Total 114 averaging u46.53

MLC Light 45 averaging u34.78

MLC Heavy 69 averaging u54.57

114 cast ewes and rams sold to average u46.53 per head. 45 hill ewes averaged u34.78 while 69 in-by ewes averaged u54.57, trade remaining at the previous weeks level.

Suffolk x: u76 Rusheylaw, u54 East Butsfield, u48 Colepike. Texel x: u76 Huntershield, u66.50 Hard Riding & Cooks House, u64 Partridge Nest, u62 Townfoot, u60 East Nubbock & Cooks House, u56 Hard Riding, u41.50 & u35.50 Middle Horsleyhope.

Mule u63 Rusheylaw, u62.50 Townfoot, u60 Cooks House, u58 Partridge Nest, u57 Longlea, u53.50 Partridge Nest, u51 Townfoot, u47.50 Hotbank (twice), u44 & u42 High Alderheads, u37.50 White House. Blackface: u53 & u44.50 Hotbank, u40 & u37.50 Cooks House, u34.50 & u29.50 Hotbank Swaledale: u40 Longlea, u38.50 White House, u35.50 Pry Hill, u35 Ladyhill (twice), u34 Rosehill, u28 White House.

17 loads of hay and straw, better weather having an adverse effect on trade.

Round Bale Hay: u14 per bale. Mini Heston Barley Straw: u8 per bale. Round Bale Barley Straw: u8 & u7.50 per bale. Round Bale Wheat Straw: (Inside) u5 per bale. Round Bale Wheat Straw: (Outside) u6 & u4 per bale.

The first ewes and lambs of the season met with great interest, but were short of requirements.

Texel crosses with singles sold to u101.

Broken mouthed Suffolk cross ewes with twins sold to u94.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 15, 2004
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