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Northern Ontario Airports.

Northern Ontario Airports

Runway Length 4,000 Feet +

Airport                     Phone Runway          Contact/Manager
Address                     length/surface type   Passenger Service
City Postal code            Airlines Available    Cargo Service

Chapleau Municipal Airport  705-864-1828          Allen Pellow
P.O. Box 129                Paved/5,000 ft.       No
Chapleau P0M 1K0            Not applicable        No
Cochrane Airport            705-272-6500          Gerry Courville
P.O. Box 490, 171 Fourth    Paved/4,500 ft.       No (charters)
Cochrane P0L 1C0            Air Creebec Inc.,     Yes
                              Wasaya Airlines,
                              Wabusk Air Service
Dryden Regional Airport     807-937-4959          George Friesen
1012 Airport Rd.            Paved/6,000 ft        Yes
Dryden P8N 2Z4              Bearskin Airlines     Yes
Elliot Lake Municipal       705-461-7222          Bert Rapp
45 Hillside Dr. North       Paved/4,500 ft.       No
Elliot Lake P5A 1X5         Not applicable        Yes
Fort Frances Municipal      807-274-3930          William Caul
320 Portage Ave.            Paved/4,500 ft        Yes
Fort Frances P9A 3P9        Bearskin Airlines     No
Greater Sudbury Airport     705-693-2514          Richard Dixon
2621 Skead Rd.              Paved/6,600 ft        Yes
Garson P3L 1V4              Bearskin Airlines,    Yes
                              Air Canada Jazz
Greenstone Regional         807-854-1694          Darlene Loupin
P.O. Box 1075               Paved/5,000 ft        No
Geraldton P0T 1M0           Not applicable        No
Gore Bay-Manitoulin         705-282-2101          Robert Colwell
P.O. Box 236                Paved/4,900 ft        No
Gore Bay P0P 1H0            Not applicable        No
Hearst Municipal Airport    705-362-2842          Luke Lanoix
P.O. Box 5000               Paved/4,500 ft        No
Hearst P0L 1N0              Not applicable        No
Kapuskasing Airport         705-335-2611          Rock Robitaille
88 Riverside Dr.            Paved/5,500 ft        Yes
Kapuskasing P5N 1B3         Bearskin Airlines     No
Kenora Airport              807-548-5377          Mike Zroback
P.O. Box 469                Paved/5,800 ft        Yes
Kenora, P9N 3X5             Bearskin Airlines     Yes
Kirkland Lake Municipal     705-567-6010          Mike Aldred
P.O. Bag 1757               Paved/4,500 ft        No
Kirkland Lake, P2N 3P4      Not applicable        No
Moosonee Municipal Airport  705-336-2731          John Iserhoff
P.O. Box 727                Paved/4,000 ft        Yes
Moosonee P0L 1Y0            Air Creebec Inc.      Yes
North Bay Jack Garland      705-474-3026          Rick Proulx
50 Terminal St. Suite 1     Paved/10,000 ft       Yes
North Bay P1B 8G2           Air Canada Jazz,      Yes
                              Bearskin Airlines
Pickle Lake Airport         807-928-2342          Terry Hill
General delivery            Paved/4,921 ft        Yes
Pickle Lake P0V 3A0         Wasaya                Yes
Red Lake Airport            807-662-2581          Marianne Derouard
P.O. Box 130                Paved/5,000 ft        Yes
Cochenour P0V 1L0           Bearskin Airlines,    Yes
                              Wasaya Airways,
                              Wild Country,
                              Superior Airways
Sault Ste. Marie Airport    705-779-3031          Terry Bos
  Devopment Corp
R.R. #1 Box 1               Paved/6,000 ft        Yes
Sault Ste. Marie P6A 5K6    Bearskin Airlines,    Yes
                              Air Canada Jazz,
                              Georgian Express
Temiskaming-Earlton         705-563-2215          Martin Muender
  Regional Airport
P.O. Box 99                 Paved/6,000 ft        No (charters)
Earlton P0J 1E0             Not applicable        No
Terrace Bay Airport         807-825-9371          Ken Benoit
#1 Airport Rd               Paved/4,900 ft        No (charters)
Terrace Bay P0T 2W0         Not applicable        No
Thunder Bay International   807-473-2615          Bill Britt-operations
  Airport Authority
340-100 Princess St.        Paved/6,200 ft        Yes
Thunder Bay P7E 6S2         Bearskin, Air         Yes
                              Canada Jazz, West
                              Jet, Wasaya,
                              Nikina Air, and
Timmins Airport             705-264-5805          Harley Nikkel
R.R. #2 Airport Rd.         Paved/6,000 ft        Yes
Timmins P4N 7C3             Air Creebec Inc.,     Yes
                              Air Canada Jazz,
                              Bearskin Airlines
Wawa Municipal Airport      705-856-7231 Ext.     NP
P.O. Box 500                Paved/4,400 ft        No
Wawa P0F 1K0                Not applicable        No
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