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Northern Marts.

Scots GAP

September 8

Hexham and Northern Marts at their Scots Gap centre sold a total of 2,017 prime lambs to average 44.8kg, 108.8ppkg and pounds 48.74 per head. Leading prices included Texel x lambs from Messrs Mitchell, Highlaws at pounds 59 and Texel x lambs from A R Lawson, Middleton Mill at 115ppkg.

Other prices: Suffolk x pounds 57.90 Thockrington Farms, pounds 56.50 Dene House, pounds 55.50 Holystone, pounds 55.20 Grindon Hill, pounds 55.10 Brinkburn Newhouses. Cheviot, pounds 53.20 Cornhills, pounds 52.70 Angerton Broomhouse & Duns Houses, pounds 52.20 Cornhills, pounds 52 Hartburn Grange, pounds 51.90 Duns Houses.

112.6p & 112.2p Tuthill, 109.1p Wallhouses, 108.8p South Farm & Cornhills, 108.4p Buckshaw, Brinkburn Newhouses & Lee Hall(x2), 108.3p Cornhills,

Texel x pounds 59 Highlaws, pounds 57.40 Holystone, pounds 56.50 Cornhills, pounds 54 New Houses, pounds 52.80 New Houses & Tosson Tower.

115p Middleton Mill, 113.5p Haredene, 113p Cornhills(x2), 112.4p Lee Hall, 112.3p Wall- houses.

pounds 46.80 Carrick, pounds 44.40 Hartburn Grange, pounds 44.20 Duns Houses(x2), pounds 43.70 The Shield, pounds 43.20 Toft House.

106.4p Carrick, 104.1p The Shield, 102.9p Toft House, 102.8p Duns Houses(x2), 102.4p Gallowhill & Horncastle.

pounds 43.10 & 102.6p Carrick, pounds 37 Gallowhill.

Half Bred

pounds 56.60 & 104.8p Cornhills, pounds 49 & 104.3p The Lee.

September 8

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly Dairy Cattle Sale. Cows were forward in similar numbers with all classes being better to sell on the week.

Leading prices: Holstein/Friesian pounds 920, pounds 780 (x2), pounds 750 Shaw House, pounds 850 Spedding, pounds 700 Yew Tree Farm, pounds 660 Sleightholm, pounds 650 The Buildings.

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of calves. Calves were forward in similar numbers to last week with continentals continuing to maintain recent high rates. Black and white calves were slightly dearer on the week.

Leading prices: Limousin bulls pounds 300 Housenrigg Cottage, pounds 240, pounds 230 Duckintree Farm, pounds 235, pounds 225 Sorrowstones Farm, pounds 205 (x2) Beckstones, pounds 200 Hill House. Heifers pounds 250 Housenrigg Cottage, pounds 160 Sorrowstones, Farm, pounds 140 Duckintree Farm, pounds 130 Aikton House, pounds 122 Bleaberry Rigg. Belgian Blue bulls pounds 245 Beyond the Burn, pounds 230 Dykehead, pounds 225, pounds 190 Nook House Farm, pounds 220 Wood End, pounds 218, pounds 190 Aikton House. Heifers pounds 200 Low Street House, pounds 150 Byegill Farm, pounds 140, pounds 125 Dykehead, pounds 125 Woodhouses. Charolais bulls pounds 242 Greyrigg House, pounds 238, pounds 235, pounds 200 Forrest Farm, pounds 190, pounds 185 Greyrigg House. Heifers pounds 105 Forrest Farm. Blonde d'Aquitaine bulls pounds 175, pounds 140 West Park, pounds 150, pounds 100 Keysmount. Heifers pounds 132 West Park. Holstein Friesian bulls pounds 150, pounds 130, pounds 125 Thorneyscale, pounds 102 Low Street House, pounds 100 (x2) Crossfell House Farm, pounds 95 Thorneyscale, pounds 85 Berrier Head. Aberdeen Angus bulls pounds 110 Bramery. Heifers pounds 55 Bramery, pounds 50 Hill House.

Weaned calves

At their Borderway Mart, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of weaned calves. A larger show of calves were presented to a keen ring side of buyers looking for quality.

Leading prices: Bulls ( Belgian Blue pounds 490, pounds 340, pounds 300 Broomhills, pounds 460 Wedholme Hill, pounds 395 (x4), pounds 350 Parkhouse. Holstein Friesian pounds 460, pounds 340 (x2) pounds 300 Broomhills, pounds 330 (x5) Bromfield Hall. Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 450, pounds 430, pounds 350 Croft House. Limousin pounds 450 (x3) Wedholme Hill, pounds 385, pounds 345 (x3) pounds 320 (x2) Hazelhead, pounds 375 Buckabank, pounds 360 Porch House Farm. Simmental pounds 450 Broomhills, pounds 328 Closeburn Mill. Saler pounds 400 (x2) Broom Farm. Charolais pounds 350 (x3) Closeburn Mill.

Steers: Belgian Blue pounds 405 Seaville Cote. Limousin pounds 410 Seaville Cote.

Heifers: Limousin pounds 325 ( x2) Beech Croft, pounds 305 Park View, pounds 245 (x2) Long Park. Simmental pounds 295, pounds 275 Moorland, pounds 245 East Newbiggin Hall.By anna lognonne

Journal User

By anna lognonne

Journal User

September 8

Store cattle

At Borderway Mart, Harrison and Hetherington Ltd held their weekly store sale. A large show of over 1,100 cattle was submitted to the usual ringside of buyers. The cattle on show comprised the more plainer types which met with a satisfactory trade, however top quality fully maintained exceeded recent good rates.

Leading prices. Bullocks: Limousin pounds 770, pounds 740 (x5) Aldermeanseat, pounds 765 Walton Wood Head, pounds 735 Aikhead Hall, pounds 730 (x2), pounds 720 (x2), pounds 715, pounds 712 Rose Farm, pounds 722 (x2) Brackenrigg Rigg. Blonde d' Aquitaine pounds 720, pounds 678 (x3), pounds 670 Easton Farm, pounds 690 Aldermanseat, pounds 618 Galemire House. Charolais pounds 738 (x2), pounds 710 (x7) pounds 695 (x2), pounds 678 (x4) Easton Farm. Belgian Blue pounds 695 Easton Farm, pounds 655 Hole Farm, pounds 650 (x3) Hallgarth, pounds 640, pounds 630 East Park Farm, pounds 600 Brackenrigg Rigg. Aberdeen Angus pounds 685 (x4) Wreay Hall, pounds 652, pounds 645 (x2) Easton Farm, pounds 632 (x2) Hallgarth, pounds 550 (x3) Halmyre. Simmental pounds 675 Easton Farm, pounds 660 (x3) Hole Farm, pounds 652 Horsegills, pounds 652 (x4) Easton Farm, pounds 600 Galemire House. North Devon pounds 652 Easton Farm. Belted Galloway pounds 600 Brackenhill Rigg. Hereford pounds 592 Hallgarth. Holstein Friesian pounds 568 (x5) Sceugh Farm, pounds 525 (x3) Brackenrigg Rigg, pounds 510 (x2) Waingatehead. Welsh Black pounds 550 Halmyre.

Heifers: Belgian Blue pounds 690 Broadmoor, pounds 530 (x2) Ravenwood Farm, pounds 522 (x5) East Park Farm. Limousin pounds 620 (x2), pounds 570 (x3) High Mansrigg, pounds 575 Ranbeck, pounds 568, pounds 560 Haresceugh Castle, pounds 550 High Dovecote, pounds 545 (x2) East Park Farm. Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 568, pounds 565 (x2) pounds 548 (x3), pounds 515 (x3) Broadmoor. Charolais pounds 550 (x9) High Dovecote, pounds 515 (x6) New Cooper, Parthenais pounds 540 Holmewrangle. Simmental pounds 530 Snowdrop Cottage.

Bulls: Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 618 (x2) pounds 588 (x2) Prospect Farm. Limousin pounds 565, pounds 548 Grove Farm. Aberdeen Angus pounds 485 Grove Farm.

September 9

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart PLC held its primestock sale at Longtown on September 9. There were 87 prime cattle, six young beef bulls, 5,666 prime lambs and 4,281 cast ewes and rams forward.

Leading prices: Prime steers to 126.5p for Limousin from Kirtleton. Prime heifers to 126.5p for Belgian Blue from Kirtleton. Young bulls to 91.5p from Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Prime lambs to pounds 59 per head for Texels from Woodheadand to 126.3p per kilo for Texels from Sorbie. Light ewes to pounds 38.50 for Cheviots from Swinside Hall. Heavy ewes to pounds 56.50 for Texels from Walton Woodhead. Rams to pounds 45.50 for Texels from Over Abington.

Averages. Steers: Light to 99.5p, average 81.8p; Medium to 117.5p, average 105.5p (+3.8p); Heavy to 126.5p, average 107.8p (+2.5p). Heifers: Medium to 106.5p, average 89.9p (-3.8p);

Heavy to 126.5p, average 108.7p (+1.2p). Young bulls to 91.5p, average 86.4p.

Prime lambs: Light to 113.7p, average 107.1p (-2.8p); standard to 125.7p, average 109.4p (-8.2p); Medium to 126.3p, average 110.1p (-9.2p); Heavy to 111.3p, average 106.5p; Others to 100.0p. Ewes: Light to pounds 38.50, average pounds 22.04 (-pounds 0.72); heavy to pounds 56.50, average pounds 36.34 (-pounds 3.12).By anna lognonne

Journal User

September 10

Breeding cattle sale

Harrison & Hetherington held their monthly sale of beef breeding cattle. The busy calendar of sales did not detract from the sale as a large attendance of buyers were drawn from throughout the north and Scotland. Quality was in the main mixed, however best units were particularly sought after, whilst secondary sorts also met with a keen enquiry resulting in a very brisk trade. Bulling heifers were few in numbers but met with enhanced prices, leaving all vendors very well pleased.

Leading prices: Heifers with calves at foot ( Belgian Blue pounds 1250 Kilnford Croft, pounds 820 Bankfield Farm, pounds 820 Flimby Hall, pounds 720 (x2) Priorsford, Limousin pounds 1150, pounds 950 Fitz Farm, pounds 980 Warcop Tower, pounds 980 Croft House, pounds 950, pounds 900, pounds 750 Wetheriggs Farm, pounds 920 Laithwaite Farm,

Aberdeen Angus pounds 820 Greenholme Lodge, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 820, pounds 800, pounds 720 Parkgate Farm, Charolais pounds 810, pounds 720 Greenholme Lodge, Simmental pounds 700 Byegill Farm.

Cows with calves at foot ( Belgian Blue pounds 1220, pounds 900 (x2) Gardrum, pounds 810, pounds 780 Flimby Hall, pounds 720 Coombe Crag, Limousin pounds 1220 New Pallyards, pounds 1080 Howgillside, pounds 1000, pounds 900, pounds 880 Hazeldene Farm, pounds 980, pounds 800 Well Head, pounds 960, pounds 850 (x2) Aberdeen Angus pounds 860, Parkgate Farm, Blonde D'Aquitaine pounds 920, pounds 820, pounds 810 (x2), pounds 720 Parkgate Farm, Charolais pounds 740, pounds 730, pounds 720, pounds 670 Greenholme Lodge, pounds 650 Milton Moor, Simmental pounds 740 Hazeldene Farm.

Cows/Heifers in calf ( Charolais pounds 590, pounds 540 (x5) Inveresk Research, Limousin pounds 660, pounds 560 (x2) Hatters Farm. Bulling heifers ( Limousin pounds 610 Pelutho Park, pounds 605 (x7) pounds 600 (x2) Albyfield, Simmental pounds 550, Aberdeen Angus pounds 525 (x5) Aikhead House
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