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Northern Marts.


February 27

Harrison & Hetherington held its monthly sale of beef breeding cows and heifers with calves or in calf and bulling heifers.

A mixed show of breeding cattle were presented to a keen ringside of buyers. Heifers with calves at foot were in greatest demand.

Hfrs with calves at foot - Lim pounds 1,400 (x2), pounds 1,180, pounds 1,120 & pounds 1,000 West View, pounds 1,280 & pounds 1,000 High Knipe, pounds 1,150 Woodside Farm. BB pounds 1,100 Bents Farm, pounds 900 Langrigg, pounds 800 Errolston, pounds 700 High Knipe. Sim to pounds 980 Byegill Farm. Blonde to pounds 760 Bents Farm. Hfrs in calf: BB pounds 880, pounds 800, pounds 700 (x3), pounds 680 & pounds 660 (x2) Manor Farm. pounds 680 (x2) The Flatt. AA pounds 780, pounds 680 & pounds 640 The Flatt. Lim pounds 780 (x3), pounds 760 (x2), pounds 750 (x3) & pounds 720 (x3) The Flatt. Sim pounds 660 (x3) Grayrigg, pounds 640 (x5) Ward Park Farm, pounds 620 (x2) & pounds 600 Langdale. Her pounds 560 (x2) & pounds 540 Bretton Hall. Char to pounds 520 Hatters Farm. Cows with calves at foot - Lim pounds 920 Whitewall, pounds 860, pounds 720, pounds 700 & pounds 600 New Hall Farm, pounds 840 Shatton Lodge, pounds 760 Hatters Farm. BB pounds 780 Langrigg, pounds 720 Whitewall, pounds 660 New Hall Farm. Cows in calf - Char pounds 660 (x2) & pounds 600 Wampool Grange, pounds 600 New Hall Farm. AA to pounds 620 Wampool Grange. Lim to pounds 540 New Hall Farm.

Bulling hfrs - Lim pounds 680 (x3) & pounds 660 (x3) Woodhouses Farm, pounds 605 (x3) & pounds 600 (x2) Plumbland Farm, pounds 560 (x4) Home Farm (Collister), pounds 550 (x2) Gatesgarth Hall. Aberdeen Angus to pounds 595 (x8) Albyfield.

Harrison and Hetherington also held its annual spring show and sale of Galloway cattle. The pre-sale judging was most ably carried out by Gordon Jackson, of Blackburn, Newcastleton.

Topping the sale at 1,400gns were two bulls. First came Barlaes Winner from A Carruthers & Sons of Peel a Hill, Bewcastle, Carlisle. Winner, a very much admired son of Glenapp X-Ray, lifted the male championship in the pre-sale judging earlier in the day. He was sold to JM & AE Goodfellow, of Main, Newcastleton.

The other 1,400gn bid was for Jedi of Lochurr, an April 2002 son of Lomu of Reddings from P Kennedy Moffat & Ptrs from Lochmailing, Auldgirth, Dumfries. Successful buyer was WD & R Elliot of Burnfoot of Ewes, Langholm.

In the female section a very stylish dun bulling heifer topped the sale at 880gns. Jaw Kathy, a daughter of Suncrest Klondyke, was knocked down to undisclosed buyers. Following at 850gns were another two bulling heifers, both from Messrs FA & A Waugh, of Kilnstown, Bewcastle. The first bid went to the female champion, Bridget 7th of Kilnstown, sold to GW Swanton of Bogban, Pentland Farm, Strathaven. The second 850gn bid went to Sybil 53rd of Kilnstown, and was knocked down to Messrs B Dickinson & Co, Brockstones, Kendal.

Also selling for 850gns was a belted Galloway cow and calf consigned by Harrison & Hetherington from its Borderway herd. The outfit sold to Messrs MJ & A Harding, of Hardhurst, Walton, Brampton.

Averages - four pedigree bulls pounds 1,181.25, three pedigree cows in calf or in milk pounds 367.50, eight pedigree heifers in calf or in milk pounds 661.15, nine pedigree bulling heifers pounds 782.83, five non-pedigree bulls pounds 444.00, five non-pedigree cows in calf or in milk pounds 522.00, 13 non-pedigree bulling heifers pounds 613.08, two blue-grey heifers pounds 332.50.

March 1

Harrison & Hetherington held its weekly primestock sale. A larger show of 188 prime cattle and bulls were presented to a keen ringside of buyers, ensuring a fantastic trade. Keith Harryman, Keskadale, sold a Limousin-cross heifer for 125.5p bought by Maurice Wharton. Lowther Park Farms sold a run of good bullocks and heifers to average 112p. Their Limousin-cross heifers topped at 124.5p and 117.5p (x2), bought by Mike Atkinson and Maurice Wharton and the bullocks at 114.5p (x2), 112.5p and 111.5p purchased Mr Wharton and Jim Woodhead. M/s Dodd, West View, sold a Limousin-cross bullock for 119.5p and a Limousin-cross heifer for 117.5p, both purchased by Maurice Wharton. Five Limousin-cross heifers shown by George Wilson, Reddings, averaged 105.9p and topped at 112.5p bought by John Bowling. Gordon Wilson, Bankdale, averaged 108.1p for five Limousin-cross bullocks to a top at 111.5p and 110.5p bought by Jim Woodhead and Maurice Wharton.

Hfrs (all crosses), Lim 125.5p Keskadale, 124.5p, 117.5p (x2) Lowther Park Farms, 117.5p West View, 112.5p 107.5p (x2) 106.5p Reddings, 107.5p Windy Nook, 103.5p West End Farm. BB 105.5p Midtown Farm (Brown).

Bks: (all crosses) LimX 119.5p West View, 114.5p (x2) 112.5p, 111.5p and 106.5p Lowther Park Farms, 111.5p, 110.5p and 109.5p Bankdale Farm, 109.5p Houghton House, 109.5p, 108.5p and 105.5p Steeley Farm, 108.5p (x2) Sleughmire, 108.5p Greenhills and Jacksonrigg, 105.5p Midtown Farm, Char 109.5p High Knells Farm, BB 108.5p and 105.5 Midtown Farm (Brown) 108.5p Keskadale, 105.5p Little Orton Farm.

A show of 104 prime bulls were presented and met an outstanding trade, with buyers going away short of numbers,

Steven Illingworth, Howgillside, sold a Limousin-cross bull for 117.5p purchased by Rossendale Meats. M/s Jackson, Mountain View, sold an outstanding Charolais bull for 117.5p bought by Mr Steven Seddon. Six Continental bulls averaged 108.8p shown by M/s Forsyth & Son, Oswie, Whithorn, which topped at 115.5 (x2) for a Simmental and a Limousin bull, and 110.5p for a Charolais purchased by Steven Seddon and Mike Atkinson. M/s Carruthers, Glenzierfoot, sold a Limousin-cross for 114.5p bought by Steven Seddon. A Limousin bull made 113.5p shown by M/s Afsari, Blackhamilton bought by Mike Atkinson. He also bought for 113.5p a limousin bull from Mr George Brough, Old Rectory. M/s Norman, Little Orton, had a Limousin bull weighing 895kg at 109.5p making pounds 980.03 which was knocked down again to Mike Atkinson.

Leading prices (all crosses) - Lim 117.5p Howgillside, 115.5p, 107.5p, 100p Oswie, 114.5p and 107.5p Glenzierfoot, 113.5p Blackhamilton and Old Rectory, 109.5p Little Orton Farm, 108.5p, 107.5p and 103p High House, 106.5p, 105.5p Windy Hill, 106.6p Middlesceugh, 106.5p Justicetown, 105.5p Crummock Bank Farm, 102.5p Willows.

Char 117.5p Mountain View, 110.5p Oswie, Sim 115.5p Oswie, BB 107.5p Justicetown, 103.5p Glencairn and Oswie. Saler 106.5p Durdar House, Hol 98.5p Willows Farm, 97.5p and 96.5p The Flatt (Bland) 96.5p, 95.5p, 94.5p, 91.5p and 90.5p Oswie, 95.5p and 93.5p High Whinnow, 94.5p. 92.5p Oakshaw Hill and Durdar House, 94.5p and 91.5p Wreay Hall, 93.5p Old Church and Kellsprings, 93.5p and 92.5p Wolsty 92.5p Barrock Side, Wethertown, Kemplee, 91.5p Windy Hill and Upperbrydekirk.
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