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Northern Marts.


August 23

AT Borderway Mart, Carlisle, on Monday August 23, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly primestock sale. A smaller show of 178 prime cattle and bulls, which included the anniverasary show and sale judged by Jamie Scott of Scott of Paisley and kindly sponsored by Jim Peet Agriculture Ltd.

Messrs Bell of Farbroom sold the Champion Belgian Blue heifer for 160p, purchased by Messrs Little of Willow Springs (Butcher), Great Salkeld. Messrs Dodd of West View sold the Reserve Champion Limousin bullock for 132.5p purchased by Mr Maurice Wharton. Messrs Dodd of West View run of bullocks and heifers averaged 125.9p which topped at 130.5p for a Limousin cross purchased by Mr Jim Woodhead. Mr Keith Harryman sold a Limousin cross heifer for 129.5p purchased by Mr Maurice Wharton and a Belgian Blue cross heifer for 128.5p purchased by Scott Meats Paisley. Messrs Dodd sold the top priced Belgian Blue cross bullock for 125.5p purchased by Mr Maurice Wharton. Messrs Gracie & Sons of Byreburnside sold six well finished bullocks to average 119.3p which topped at 124.5p (x3) and 122.5p purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Pickles & Sons of Rayne Farm sold a Belgian blue cross heifer for 124.5p purchased by Bowland Foods. Messrs Hetherington of Old Hall Farm sold twelve well finished Limousin cross bullocks to average 119.5p and 705kg which topped at 123.5p, 121.5p (x2) and 120.5p all purchased by Mr Jim Woodhead (x2) and Mr Maurice Wharton. Messrs Dodd Limousin cross heifers topped at 121.5p purchased by Mr Steven Wilson (Butcher) Corby Hill.

Prize List: Heifer Class:- 1st G&JE Bell, Far Broom 160p, 2nd & 3rd KD Harryman, Keskadale 129.5p & 128.5p. Bullock Class:- 1st, 2nd & 3rd JS&JO Dodd 132.5p, 125.5p & 130.5p. Belgian Blue Bull:- 1st, 2nd & 3rd GA&JM Maw, Wintershields 123.5p, 115.5p & 117.5p. Limousin Bull:- 1st & 2nd M Holliday, Syke Farm 122.5p & 120.5p, 3rd TN Hall, Ainstable Hall 130.5p. Champion G&JE Bell, Far Broom. Reserve Champion, JS&JO Dodd, West View.

Leading heifer prices (all crosses): Belgian Blue, 160p Far Broom, 128.5p Keskadale, 124.5p Rayne Farm. Limousin, 129.5p Keskadale, 121.5p & 119.5p West View, 119.5p Welton Farm, 116.5p Stotsfold.

Leading bullock prices (all crosses): Limousin, 132.5p & 130.5p West View, 124.5p Byerburnside, 123.5p, 121.5p (x2), 120.5p (x2), 119.5p (x2), 118.5p (x2), 117.5p & 116.5p Old Hall Farm, 118.5p Lambfoot, 117.5p, 116.5p Galleywreay, 116.5p Stotsfold. Belgian Blue, 125.5p West View. Charolais, 124.5p (x2), 122.5p Byerburnside.

A fantastic show of 88 prime bulls were presented to an increased number of buyers with trade flying for all classes. Mr Brian Hall of Ainstable Hall sold 10 Limousin cross bulls to average 121p which topped at 130.5p, 123.5p (x2) purchased by Mr Mike Atkinson and Bowland Foods. Messrs Mcmiken of Nether Ernambrie sold the top priced Belgian Blue cross bull for 127.5p purchased by Bowland Foods. Messrs Blaylock and Son of Hallburn sold seven well finished bulls to average 109.8p which topped at 124.5p for a Limousin cross bull purchased by Mr Mike Atkinson. Messrs Maw of Wintershields sold three Belgian Blue cross bulls to average 118.8p which topped at 123.5p purchased by Northern Counties. Mr Malcom Holliday of Syke Farm sold three well finished bulls to average 119.5p which topped at 122.5p and 120.5p for a Limousin cross both purchased by Scotts Meat (Paisley).

Leading bull prices per kilo (all crosses): Limousin, 130.5p, 123.5p (x2), 122.5p, 121.5p (x2), 119.5p, 117.5p, 115.5p & 114.5p Ainstable Hall, 124.5p Hallburn, 122.5p & 120.5p Syke Farm, 115.5p Low Meathop Farm, 113.5p (x2) Sarkshields, 112.5p Reathwaite. Belgian blue, 127.5p Nether Ernambrie, 123.5p, 117.5p, 115.5p Wintershields, 115.5p Syke Farm. Holstein, 99.5p, 97.5p Low House, 99.5p, 98.5p Kellbarrow, 99.5p, 97.5p Park House, 98.5p Shire Hall, 98.5p Middlesceugh, 97.5p Albyfield, 97.5p Bracken Hill.

2,496 prime sheep were forward. The weekly sale also incorporated the anniversary show of prime lambs.The judge was Mr Steven Wilson (Butcher) Corby Hill and he awarded the Champion pen of Beltex lambs to Mr Robert Skelton of New Hall Farm, Sunnyslack which sold at 42kg and making pounds 70 (167ppk) purchased by the judge Mr Steven Wilson. Messrs Scott of Thirlwall Castle also sold a pen of Beltex lambs for pounds 72 (167ppk) purchased by Mr Mark Lindsay (Butcher) Cockermouth.Reserve Champion was awarded to Mr Andrew Jefferson of Asapatria Hall for a pen of Texel lambs which sold for pounds 72 purchased by Mr RJ Harrison (Butcher), Wigton. An overall sale average of 116.14p was obtained.

Prize list: Pen of Beltex Lambs:- 1st R Skelton, New Hall Farm pounds 70, 2nd WT Mcmiken, Nether Ernambrie pounds 70, 3rd J Oliver & Sons, Walton Wood Head pounds 69. Pen of Texel lambs:- 1st TA Jefferson, Aspatria Hall pounds 72, 2nd J Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm pounds 66, 3rd J Oliver & Sons, Walton Wood Head pounds 65. Pen of Mule lambs:- 1st R&M Scott, Thirlwall Castle pounds 50.50. Pen of Suffolk lambs:- 1st ML&LB Bell, Winterhope Farm pounds 49.80, 2nd LW&CM Todd, Longhurst pounds 52.80. Any other breed, 1st Messrs Collister, Home Farm pounds 53, 2nd Messrs Collister, Home Farm pounds 51, 3rd T Bell, Mosshill pounds 50.40. Champion:- R Skelton, New Hall. Reserve Champion:- TA Jefferson, Aspatria Hall.

Leading lamb prices:(all crosses):- Beltex, pounds 72 Thirlwall Castle, pounds 70 New Hall Farm, pounds 70 Mcmiken Netherr Ernambrie, pounds 69 Walton Wood Head, pounds 60, pounds 52.80, pounds 51 (x3) Wharton House, pounds 60 Home Farm, pounds 48.80 Kilnclose Farm. Texel, pounds 72, pounds 71 (x2) Asapatria Hall, pounds 69, pounds 55 West Fenwick, pounds 68, pounds 63 Mosshill Farm, pounds 66 Tercrosset Farm, pounds 66, pounds 62.50, pounds 54.20 Clea Hall, pounds 66 Close Nook, pounds 65 Walton Wood Head, pounds 63 Mosshill Farm, pounds 60, pounds 55.50, pounds 54.50 Clifton Moor Farm, pounds 59.50 Middle Farm, pounds 55.50 Gallowberry Farm, pounds 55 Home Farm, pounds 54.20 Hargill House. Suffolk, pounds 53.90 Riggfoot Farm, pounds 53 Thorneyknowe, pounds 52.80, pounds 51 Longhurst, pounds 52.50 Gofton Field Farm, pounds 52 Thirlwall Castle, pounds 51.50, pounds 50.80 Clarks Farm, pounds 51 Wallhead, pounds 50.60 Lynwood, pounds 50.40 Sandwath Farm, pounds 50.20 Denton Farm, pounds 50 Albyfield, pounds 50 Kilnclose Farm, pounds 49.80 Cracrop. Rouge, pounds 53, pounds 51 Home Farm. Charollais, pounds 52.20 Kilnclose Farm, pounds 51.80, pounds 47.40 Cracrop, pounds 50.90, pounds 49.70, pounds 49.50, pounds 47.80 Newby Hall, pounds 50.70, pounds 48.40 Wreay Hall, pounds 50, pounds 49, pounds 46.50 North Rigg Hill, pounds 49.50, pounds 47.50 Beaumont House, pounds 47.40 Cracrop, pounds 47, pounds 46.80 Reathwaite Farm, pounds 46.40 Wreay Hall, pounds 46.20 Touchwood. Greyface, pounds 50.80 Hargill house, pounds 50.50, pounds 49.50 Thirlwall Castle, pounds 50 High Side, pounds 45 Gap Farm. Leicester, pounds 50.40 Mosshill Farm.

Cast ewes and rams were once again forward in greater numbers with trade being similar on the week.

Leading ewe & ram prices (all crosses): Texel, pounds 59.50 Aspatria Hall, pounds 58, pounds 53, pounds 45 Clifton Moor Farm, pounds 56.50 Buckabank, pounds 55.50 (x2) Bon Vista Ruckcroft, pounds 54.80 High House, pounds 54 Parklands, pounds 50 Scalehouse Farm, pounds 49 Gofton Field Farm, pounds 46 Kirklinton Park. Beltex, pounds 53 Thornby Villa. Suffolk, pounds 47 Sycamore House, pounds 44, pounds 37 Little Orton Farm, pounds 36 Thornby Villa. Charollais, pounds 45.50, pounds 40 North Rigg Hill, pounds 40 Kirklinton Park. Leicester, pounds 45.20 Wallholme. Greyface, pounds 39.60, pounds 36.80 Willimoteswick Farm, pounds 35.20 Hudscales, pounds 32.80 Buckabank, pounds 32.50 High House, pounds 32 Grassgarth, pounds 32 Wetheral Abbey, pounds 30 Thornby Villa. Halfbred, pounds 33 Wavercroft Farm. Continental, pounds 31, pounds 30 Thornby Villa.

Store sheep

At Borderway Mart on Monday, August 23, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store lambs. Just under 1,000 store lambs were forward. Yet again there were plenty of bidders and lambs were tremendous to sell.

Leading store lamb prices (all crosses): Suffolk, pounds 44 Boggle Hall, pounds 40 Branch End, pounds 39.80 Wintershields, pounds 39.50 Wallhead, pounds 39.20 Lynwood, pounds 39 Bayles Farm, pounds 38.50, pounds 34.50 Gill Farm, pounds 36.50 Muncaster Home Farm. Texel, pounds 42 Melbourne House, pounds 41, pounds 33 Gorawood, pounds 40.50 Carr Holme, pounds 40.20 Fieldgarth, pounds 40, pounds 37.50 Espland Farm, pounds 39.50 Branch End, pounds 39.50 Muncaster Home Farm, pounds 39.50 Spency Croft, pounds 39.20, pounds 39, pounds 36.80 Wasdale Head Farm, pounds 38.50 Goodlie Hill, pounds 38.50 Gill Farm. Hill Cheviot, pounds 39.50 Melbourne House. Beltex, pounds 37.50 Goodlie Hill. Greyface, pounds 37 Grassfield, pounds 36.50 Scalehouse, pounds 35.80 Lynwood, pounds 35.20 West Foreshield, pounds 35 Spency Croft, pounds 34 Chapel Farm, pounds 33 Glen View Farm. Charollais, pounds 31.50 Bayles Farm.

August 20

Breeding cattle sale

Harrison & Hetherington held their monthly sale of beef breeding cattle.

A massive ringside of buyers from all parts of the UK ensured a fantastic trade for good quality units.

Leading prices: Cows with calves at foot ( Belgian Blue, pounds 1380, pounds 820, pounds 810 Micklam Farm, pounds 900, pounds 780, pounds 750, pounds 700 Gall, pounds 780 Smokerhill, pounds 780 Ringstones, pounds 750 Lawns Farm, pounds 700 Low House, pounds 620 Old Silloth Farm. Simmental, pounds 1150 Parkside Farm, pounds 870, pounds 650 (x2), pounds 600 Lawns Farm, pounds 680 Ringstones. Limousin, pounds 1100, pounds 1020, 950 (x2), pounds 880, pounds 850 (x2), pounds 780, pounds 760 (x4) Lawns Farm, pounds 1000, pounds 800 Bayshore, pounds 950 Stoneraise Place, pounds 850, pounds 800, pounds 750 Ringstones, pounds 820 Low House, pounds 800 Flodder Hall, pounds 760 Gimmenbie. Aberdeen Angus, pounds 840, pounds 770, pounds 720, pounds 650, pounds 600, pounds 580 Lawns Farm, pounds 650 Aikhead House. Blonde d' Aquitaine, pounds 770 Lawns Farm, pounds 750 Parkside Farm, pounds 700 Ringstones. Charolais, pounds 750, pounds 650, pounds 590, pounds 570, pounds 560, pounds 510, pounds 500 Lawns Farm. Hereford, pounds 710, pounds 650, pounds 550, pounds 540 Lawns Farm. Friesian, pounds 650 Seathwaite Farm. Gelbvie, pounds 580 Lawns Farm. Shorthorn, pounds 580 Lawns Farm. Red Poll, pounds 530 Lawns Farm. Saler, pounds 460 Lawns Farm. Sussex, pounds 460 Lawns Farm.

Heifers with calves at foot ( Limousin, pounds 1300 East Scales, pounds 1200 Sleightholme Farm, pounds 1120, pounds 1100, pounds 1050, pounds 950, pounds 900, pounds 880 Low House Farm (James), pounds 1100, pounds 980, pounds 950 High Knipe, pounds 1050, pounds 1020 Gatesgarth Hall, pounds 1020, pounds 920 Swallowmire, pounds 1000 March Cote Farm, pounds 900 White Hill, pounds 900 Southernby Hall, pounds 880, pounds 820 Parkside Farm, pounds 880 Gilbraltar Farm, pounds 830 Flodder Hall. Belgian Blue, pounds 1150 Haggistone Holm, pounds 930, pounds 880, pounds 840, pounds 830, pounds 720 Fallowfield Wall, pounds 900 Swallowmire, pounds 870, pounds 730 Warcop Tower, pounds 820, pounds 800, pounds 600 Sleightholme Farm, pounds 800 High Knipe, pounds 760 Whitehill. Simmental, pounds 840, pounds 680 Fallowfield Wall, pounds 760, pounds 700, pounds 680, pounds 620, pounds 520 Sleightholme Farm, pounds 750 Parkside Farm, pounds 580, pounds 550 Cowlyers Farm. Hereford, pounds 750, pounds 680 Bridge Farm, pounds 580 (x2), pounds 520 Underhelm Farm. Charolais, pounds 680, pounds 660 Crummock Bank Farm.

Heifers in calf, - Simmental, pounds 610 (x4), pounds 600 (x2) Cardunock House.

Bulling heifers ( Limousin, pounds 690 The Barn, pounds 655 (x5), pounds 640 Yew Tree Farm, pounds 640 (x3) Gimmenbie, pounds 630, pounds 590 The Flatt, pounds 620 (x9) Tarn Lodge. Simmental, pounds 515 (x2) Pow Banks. Hereford, pounds 490 (x4), pounds 410 (x4) Lowfield House. Aberdeen Angus, pounds 395 (x3), pounds 320 (x4) Hare Appletree Farm.

August 24

Store & breeding cattle

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart PLC.had forward 362 store cattle at their fortnightly sale on Tuesday August 24. Quality cattle maintained recent rates with others slightly cheaper.

The 92 breeding cattle forward sold to a top of pounds 1,400 for a Limousin heifer with bull calf at foot from A. Lammie, Castlemains, Lockerbie. D. Martindale, Land Farm, Lockerbie sold 24 heifers with calves at foot to a top of pounds 1,280, and averaged pounds 955.42.

Other principal prices:

Store cattle - Limousin bullocks (green CID) pounds 712 Smallholms, pounds 648 Sleetbeck, pounds 640, pounds 622 Smallholms, pounds 588 Sleetbeck. Belgian Blue bullocks (green CID) pounds 615 Howcleugh.

Angus bullocks (green CID) pounds 520 Howcleugh, pounds 440, pounds 358 Whitehouse. Friesian bullocks (green CID) pounds 500, pounds 498, pounds 475 Smallholms. Charolais bullocks (green CID) pounds 475 Clarghyll, pounds 390, pounds 375 Whitehouse. Simmental bullocks (green CID) pounds 468 Howcleugh. South Devon bullocks (green CID) pounds 380 Leapsrigg. Limousin bullocks (blue CID) pounds 695 High Parkfoot, pounds 668 Greensburn, pounds 620 Townfoot, pounds 595 High Parkfoot, pounds 532 Arthuret, pounds 530 The Hagg.

Belgian Blue bullocks (blue CID) pounds 662 Eden Farm, pounds 532 Townfoot. Angus bullocks (blue CID) pounds 595, pounds 580 Arthuret, pounds 565 Eden Farm, pounds 520 Howcleugh.

Simmental bullocks (blue CID) pounds 590, pounds 580 Eden Farm, pounds 570 Arthuret, pounds 538 Moss Side.

Charolais bullocks (blue CID) pounds 568 Townfoot, pounds 525 Eden Farm.

South Devon bullocks (blue CID) pounds 432 Arthuret. Friesian bullocks (blue CID) pounds 400 Bellfield. Welsh Black bullocks (blue CID) pounds 358 Haggistone Holm. Simmental bullocks (red CID) pounds 635 Eden Farm. Angus bullocks (red CID) pounds 635 Eden Farm. Limousin bullocks (red CID) pounds 605 Eden Farm. Limousin bulls (green CID) pounds 388, pounds 385 Underburnmouth. Charolais heifers pounds 580, pounds 525 Horsegills, pounds 515 Sleetbeck, pounds 455 The Ash, pounds 412 High Parkfoot. Limousin heifers pounds 560 Burnbrae, pounds 520 Kirkmichael Mains, pounds 512 Greensburn, pounds 510 Arthuret, pounds 495 Horsegills and The Hagg, pounds 470 The Ash. Simmental heifers pounds 525 Burnbrae, pounds 432 Moss Side. Belgian Blue heifers pounds 380 Haven. Breeding Cattle Belgian Blue heifer with bull calf pounds 1,300 Castle Mains, pounds 1,280 Land Farm, pounds 900 Castle Mains. Limousin heifer with bull calf pounds 1,180 Land Farm, pounds 1,100 Castle Mains, pounds 1,020. Belgian Blue heifer with heifer calf pounds 1,120 Land Farm. Limousin cow with bull calf pounds 900 Whitehouse, pounds 800 Theakston Grange and Dykesfield. Limousinheifer with heifer calf pounds 980 Land Farm. Limousin bull pounds 1,200 Lough Head.

Store & breeding sheep

The mart had forward 3,546 store and breeding sheep at their weekly sale.

Another very good show of store lambs attracted many buyers. All classes were good to sell with recent high rates easily maintained. Top of pounds 45.50 for Texel crosses from Thompson House Farm, others to pounds 42.20 Cooks House and Hillcrest, pounds 42 Lintley; Suffolk pounds 41 Thompson House and The Laws, pounds 40.80 Allanheads; Greyface pounds 40.50, pounds 38.50 Hole of Lyne, pounds 38.50 Park House, pounds 38 Byers Hall, pounds 37.80 Gillalees, pounds 37.50 Morley Hill; Beltex pounds 40.20 Haswellsykes; Charollais pounds 38.80 Broomholmshiels; Cheviot pounds 37 High Thorneyburn; Blackface pounds 31 The Crew; Swaledale pounds 25 Taylorburn. Tup lambs to pounds 47 for Bleu d'Maines from The Orchard.

A small show of breeding sheep were very easily sold to a good ring of buyers. Top of pounds 60 for Greyface shearlings from Highside, Texel cross shearlings to pounds 57 Greenknowe who also sold correct ewes at pounds 47. Ewe lambs to pounds 45 for Texel crosses from Broomholmshiels.

Prime lambs and ewes

There were 1,265 prime lambs and 321 cast ewes and rams. Prime lambs to pounds 53.20 per head for Suffolks from Boreland and to 123.0p per kilo for Charollais from Solwaybank. Light ewes to pounds 30.50 for Blackfaces from Boreland. Heavy ewes to pounds 52 for Texels from Sorbie. Rams to pounds 57.50 for Suffolks from West Loch.

Top Average Trend

Prime lambs - Light top 120.3p, average 114.0p, trend +0.6p.

Standard 123.0p, 115.6p, +3.0p.

Medium 121.0p, 114.8p, +0.4p.

Heavy 114.7p, 110.8p, +2.4p.

Ewes - Light pounds 30.50, pounds 19.84, +pounds 1.13.Heavy pounds 52.00, pounds 32.85, -pounds 0.81.

Cheviot Mules

The annual sale of Cheviot Mule breeding sheep on Tuesday 24th August saw over 2,000 ewe lambs sold to average pounds 61.61 ( an increase of pounds 5 over last year.

Top price was pounds 82 for a pen of North Country Cheviot Mules from J. Paterson & Son, Corriehills, Lockerbie, purchased by Messrs Langstaff, Dun House, Bishop Auckland. Messrs Holliday, Crawthat, Waterbeck took pounds 79 for a fuller pen of North Country Cheviot Mules which were purchased by R. Batty, Laithwaite Farm, Kendal, who also purchased a pen from L.Forster & Son, West Nubbock for pounds 76. J.J. Paterson, Terrona, Langholm, sold North Country x Hill Cheviot Mules at pounds 75 to Messrs Bewley, Whitrigg Farm, Torpenhow. The Hill Cheviot Mules were topped twice at pounds 75 by J. Laurie & Co., Carterton, Lockerbie, with both pens going to Messrs Nelson, Cogarth.

Ewe lamb prices included Corriehills pounds 82, pounds 70, pounds 66; Crawthat pounds 79, pounds 69, pounds 66, pounds 65; West Nubbock pounds 76; Embley pounds 70, pounds 65; Kingside pounds 66, pounds 65; Barnglies pounds 74; Hownam Grange pounds 69, pounds 67; Terrona pounds 75, pounds 67, pounds 63; Crossdykes pounds 61; Sundhope pounds 64, pounds 61; Singlie pounds 60; Springwells pounds 70; Carterton pounds 75, pounds 72, pounds 70, pounds 63; Westerkirk Mains pounds 65; Skelfhill pounds 66; Castlehill pounds 70; Cowburn pounds 62, pounds 60.

Cheviot Mule Shearlings averaged pounds 73 and topped at pounds 80 and pounds 70 Hallburn, others pounds 74 Castlehill.

August 24

At the store sale there was 42 gimmers, 111 store lambs, cattle, five cows and calves. S X gimmers sold to pounds 72 Morley Hill; pounds 64 Carr House. Store lambs a good trade selling to pounds 41.50 for Suff X Woolaw; pounds 41.20 for Texels Woolaw; pounds 41 for Chev Ravenscleugh. Cows and calves pounds 695 Felton Lane; pounds 670 Morley Hill; pounds 552 Tranwell. Bel blks Blues pounds 538 Felton Lane. Char blks Greens pounds 520 Morley Hill; Sim blks Greens pounds 520 St Georges, Lim Blks Greens pounds 490 St Georges. Lim B pounds 485 Felton Lane; Lim hfr pounds 395 Tranwell; Blonde hfrs pounds 380, pounds 365 Morley Hill.

August 24

Hopes Auction Co Ltd, Wigton, held their weekly sale of primestock on Tuesday when there was an entry of 188 prime cattle, including 47 bulls, and 862 spring lambs together with 52 ewes.

Prime cattle

A similar show of cattle for numbers was presented. Good quality well finished sorts maintained recent rates, whilst secondary sorts followed the national trend and were easier in price.

Heifers made the top price of 139.5p per kg and also pounds 843.98 per head for a Charolais shown by JJ Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont, and was purchased by Tony Harrison, Butcher, Cockermouth.

Bulls made 128.5p per kg for a Limousin shown by JD Greenop, Bridgebank, Wigton, and was purchased by M Atkinson for Cleveland Meat Co. A Limousin also made top price per head of pounds 839.80 shown by M/s Mounsey, Wardhall Guards and was also purchased by M Atkinson.

Bullocks made 127.5p per kg for a Limousin shown by M/s Miller, Allerby Hall, Aspatria and was purchased by RJ Harrison, Butcher, Wigton. The top price per head was pounds 862.10 for a Belgian Blue shown by M/s Mattocks, Auldby Farm, Laithes, Wigton.

Averages - Streers: MW115.5 (110.64) HW 127.5 (106.08). Heifers: MW 115.5 (112.20) HW 139.5 (110.88) Bulls: MW 115.5 (96.41) HW 128.5 (98.54)

Charolais: 139.5 Loughrigg. 114.5 Mirkbooths. Belgian Blue: 135.5 Loughrigg. 125.5 Cobble Croft. 110.5 Rose Farm. Limousin: 134.5 West Farm. 127.5 Stainburn House Farm. 126.5 & 124.5 (x2) Mechi. 124.5 Cobble Croft. 123.5 High Plasketlands. 122.5 Little Orton Farm. 116.5 Moorend. Blonde D'Aquitaine: 115.5 The Ling. 103.5 High Aketon. 102.5 Low Whinnow Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 114.5 Hill Farm. Saler: 98.5 Mirkbooths.

Limousin: 128.5 Bridgebank. 123.5 The Old Vicarage. 122.5 Tarnflatt. 117.5 & 115.5 Hill House. 116.5 Wardhall Guards.Belgian Blue: 125.5 The Old Vicarage. Blonde: 104.5 The Old Vicarage. Holstein: 105.5 Roundhill. 95.5 (x2) Baggrow Farm. 91.5 Grassknop.

Simmental: 93.5 & 92.5 The Thwaites.

Limousin:127.5 Allerby Hall. 126.5 Bothel Parks. 124.5 & 117.5 Kirkland Hall. 123.5 Fingland (Norman). 121.5 & 117.5 Auldby Farm. 119.5, 118.5 & 115.5 Blackwell Hall. 118.5 Cardew Hall. 117.5 Croft Farm (Rickerby). 116.5 Southerfield Hall. 115.5 Seacroft. 115.5 The Ling. Belgian Blue: 120.5 Whitelees. 116.5 Auldby Farm. 102.5 Ellenbank. Blonde D'Aquitaine: 117.5 Greenah Villa. 95.5 Hen Moss. Charolais: 114.5, 107.5 & 105.5 Blackwell Hall. 107.5 Cumrew Farm. 106.5 Kirkland Hall. 105.5 Rose Farm. 103.5 Whitelees. Simmental: 99.5 Rose Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 98.5 Carrick Dene. Friesian: 91.5 Oulton House. 90.5 Tarnrigg Moor.

Prime lambs

Sheep met another buoyant trade. Quality lambs were in short supply for meeting buyers' requirements and they sold at a good premium.

The top price was 175.00p per kg for a pen of Texel lambs shown by M/s RY & D Pattinson, East End Farm, Beckfoot, and purchased by S. Stoddart. Texel lambs made pounds 68.00 per head shown by T & EA Todd, Tiffenthwaite Farm, Wigton.

Texel: pounds 68.00, pounds 62.20 & pounds 59.20Tiffenthwaite. pounds 66.50 East End Farm. pounds 65.20 & pounds 61.20 Grapes Barn. pounds 63.80, pounds 63.20 & pounds 60.20 West Farm. pounds 62.80 & pounds 55.00 The Heads. pounds 59.80 & pounds 56.20 Thistle Bottom. pounds 58.20 Grange View. pounds 57.00 Netherwood. pounds 56.20 High Hall. pounds 56.20 Chapel House. Charollais: pounds 62.80, pounds 53.20 & pounds 52.80 Lessonhall (Steel). pounds 49.20 Calvo. pounds 46.20 Braithwaite Hall.

Suffolk: pounds 59.80 Chapel House. pounds 57.80 The Heads. pounds 55.80, pounds 54.20 Allerby Hall. pounds 55.80 Pow Bank. pounds 55.80 Calvo. pounds 55.00 Low House Farm. pounds 54.80 High Hall. pounds 54.80 Wellington Farm. pounds 54.20 Braithwaite Hall. pounds 53.80 High Parson Bridge. pounds 52.20 & pounds 51.50 Town Head. pounds 51.50 Waverhead. pounds 50.80 Pasture House. pounds 50.20 Manor Farm. pounds 50.00 Tiffenthwaite. Beltex: pounds 57.50, pounds 52.00 & pounds 48.50 Clea Mire. Bleu Du Maine: pounds 48.20 Calvo. Lleyn: pounds 51.80 & pounds 50.80 Bothel Craggs. pounds 46.00 Norman Farm.

Ewes - Suffolk: pounds 36.00 Braithwaite Hall. Texel: pounds 36.50, pounds 35.50, pounds 35.00, pounds 34.00 Thwaites Farm. pounds 34.50 Calvo. pounds 32.50 & pounds 26.00 Braithwaite Hall. Char: pounds 32.00 Braithwaite Hall.Lleyn: pounds 30.00 Norman Farm. GF: pounds 25.50 Calvo.

August 25

Sale of prime cattle, sheep & ewes

John Swan Limited at their weekly prime stock sale sold 35 cattle, and 2,116 sheep, including 183 ewes.

Prime sheep & ewes - Lambs continued to sell well, with all classes showing an increase from the beginning of the week. Selling to 129.2p/Kg for Beltex lambs from Chillingham Home Farm. Average 116.6p/Kg for 42Kgs.

Lambs (per head): Suff.X pounds 58 x 2 Twizell, pounds 55.60, pounds 51.90 Brandon, pounds 54.60, pounds 52.60 South Charlton, pounds 54 Burradon Mains & Thrunton, pounds 53 Newstead, pounds 52.60, pounds 51.80 Lorbottle, pounds 52.20 Great Ryle, pounds 52, pounds 51.50 Barmoor South Moor, pounds 51.80 Lilburn Estates & Ladykirk Farms. Tex.X pounds 57, pounds 53.70 Thrunton, pounds 56.40, pounds 55.20, pounds 52.60 South Charlton, pounds 56 Gatherick, pounds 54.50, pounds 53 Newstead, pounds 54.20 Mayfield, pounds 53.80, pounds 53 Roseden, pounds 53.40 Well House, pounds 53 Reedsford, pounds 52.80, pounds 52.60 Bebloe, pounds 52.60 Bewick Folly. Cha.X pounds 56.20, pounds 51.60, pounds 50.60 Village Farm, pounds 51.60 Hepburn Farms Ltd. Mule pounds 50.90, pounds 46 Branton Eastside, pounds 49 Edlingham Newtown, pounds 48, pounds 47, pounds 43.20 Twizell, pounds 46.60 Cold Martin, pounds 43 Ingram. HB pounds 49.90, pounds 46.20 Branton Eastside. Chv.X pounds 48.60, pounds 46 Branton Eastside, pounds 43.50 Castle Farm. Belt pounds 49.40 Barmoor South Moor, pounds 47.80, pounds 45 Chillingham Home Farm. Lambs (Per Kg): Suff.X 122.6p Castle Farm, 120.9p Burradon Mains, 120.5p Kettleburn, 119.6p, 117.1p South Charlton, 119p x 2 Gatherick, 117.6p, 117.1p Great Ryle, 116.7p Bewick Folly. Tex.X 128.5p Newham Hagg, 126.3p Edlingham Demesne, 125.4p Well House & Lorbottle, 124.7p Tritlington Hall, 123.5p, 121.9p Ladykirk Farms, 123.3p, 120.9p Bebloe, 122p Barmoor Red House, 121.6p Lilburn Estates, 121.5p Whittingham Grange, 121.1p Castle Farm, 121p Snitter Demesne & Birsley Woodside & West Longridge. Cha.X 124.3p Hepburn Farm Ltd, 123.4p, 118.6p Village Farm. Mule 114.4p Tritlington Hall, 111.9p Twizell, 111.4p Edlingham Newtown, 110.8p, 109.5p Branton Eastside, 109.7p Cold Martin, 108.9p Ingram. HB 115.5p, 113.4p Branton Eastside. Chv.X 117.1p, 116.5p Branton Eastside. Belt 129.2p, 121.6p Chillingham Home Farm, 114.9p Barmoor South Moor. Ewes' top prices: pounds 45.50 Suff.x Cold Martin, pounds 43.50 Tex.x Bebloe, pounds 40.20 Suff.x Bebloe, pounds 40 x 2 Suff.x Barmoor Red House, pounds 39.20 Tex.x Gatherick.

Prime cattle - More Cattle could have been sold to advantage. Top price was 125p/Kg for a heifer from Mr N Dods, Brandon White House. The same farm also sold heifers from 123.5p to 114p/kg.

Heifers (per kg): Lemmington Hill Head 114.5p, South Bellshill 109.5p. Steers (per kg): Whittingham Grange 113p, Brockmill 111p. Heifers (per head): Brandon White House pounds 749. Steers (per head): Brockmill pounds 742.


August 25

Hexham and Northern Marts had forward the largest show of lambs forward for this season met a strong demand with all weights keenly sought after.

Suffolk X: pounds 56 Highlaws; pounds 55 Crook Dene; pounds 54.20 Tuthill; pounds 54.10 Holling Hill; pounds 53.50 Tosson Tower, Claywalls & Elf Hills; pounds 53.20 Angerton Steads; pounds 53 Rugley Walls (x2); pounds 52.80 Merryshields; pounds 52 Buckshaw; pounds 51.80 Brinkburn Newhouses; pounds 51.70 New Houses; pounds 51.40 Crook Dene; pounds 51.20 Tuthill. 120.5p Brinkburn Newhouses; pounds 116.5p Vicarage Farm; 116.3p Fallowfield; 115.5p Hepple Whitefield; 115.1p Prior Hall; 114.8p Beukley Farms; 114.7p Whittonshields; 114.3p Ox Inn; 114.2p Crook Dene; 113.9p Dunterley; 113.8p Claywalls & Tuthill; 113.6p Prior Hall; 113.3p Cheviot; 113.2p Angerton Steads; 112.7p Buckshaw. Texel X: pounds 57.20 Dene House; pounds 55 Claywalls; pounds 54.50 Highlaws; pounds 54.20 Cheviot; pounds 54 Dene House; pounds 53.70 Brinkburn Newhouses; pounds 53.40 Merryshields; pounds 53.20 Highlaws; pounds 53 Claywalls; pounds 52.80 High Baulk (x2) & Tosson Tower; pounds 52.30 New Houses; pounds 51.80 Monkseaton, Crescent Farm & Crook Dene. 123.4p Whittonshields; 122.8p High Baulk; 120.5p Claywalls; 119.3p Crescent Farm; 118.9p New Houses; 117.7p Monkseaton; 117.3p Tosson Tower & New Houses; 117.1p Mill Farm & Prior Hall; 117p Hepple Whitefield; 116.9p Longshaws; 116.7p Fell Lane; 115.1p Crook Dene; 115p Cheviot & Haughton Mains. Mule: pounds 51.20 Hepple Whitefield; pounds 49.60 Coldwell; pounds 48.20 Fairnley; pounds 47.90 Mill Farm; pounds 46.40 & pounds 45.20 Middle White Hill. 110.2p Coldwell; 109.5p Fairnley; 108.9p Mill Farm; 107.6p Middle White Hill; 107.1p & 107p Fairnley; 106.7p Hepple Whitefield; 105.5p Middle White Hill; pounds 102.5p West Cocklaw. Blackface: pounds 39.40 & 106.5p Fairnley. Beltex: pounds 49 & 122.5p Whittonshields.

August 26

North East Livestock Sales sold 44 cattle and 2,689 sheep, comprising 2,167 lambs and 522 cast ewes.

Cattle ( A smaller show due to licensing status met a sharper trade.

Lim heifers 123.5p Southfield, 120.5p. 118.5p Boulmer. Char heifer 112.5p Thrunton. Sim heifers 114.5p, 110.5p (2) Southfield. Bel steers 118.5p Warton. Lim steers 118.5p, 115.5p, 113.5p Healeycote. Lim bulls 118.5p (2) Annstead. Char bulls 116.5, 113.5p Elyhaugh.

Lambs ( Another good show forward. Texel lambs 62, 57 Swarland Old Hall, 59.50 Brinkheugh, 57 Homilton, 55.50 High Trewhitt. Beltex lambs 59.20, 56 Make-Me-Rich, 55.40 Nesbit, 55.20 St Margarets, 54.80 Annstead. Suff lambs 57.50, 54 Linden Hill Head, 56.80 Brinkheugh, 54.80 Howick Scar, 54.20 Fenrother. HB x lambs 56 Widdrington, 54.20 Brinkburn Newhouses. Char lambs 59.20, 55 East Coldside. Mule lambs 52.40 Homilton.

Beltex lambs 124p, 120p Herds House, 120p Low Hall, 119p Nesbit. Texel lambs 124p East House, 120p Annstead, High Trewhitt. Suff lambs 119p Brinkburn Newhouses, Blackpool, Low Hall. Char lambs 120p Cockle Park. Mule lambs 114p Meldon Lane, 111p West Hall. Cast ewes ( Hbred ewes 45 Tynely, Low Town, Morwick, 44.80 Widdrington. Suff ewes 46.80, 43.50 Whittingham Grange, 44.50 Herds House, Rugley, 43 Low Town. Texel ewes 46 Tynely, 42 Paxton Dene, 41.80 Warton. Mule ewes 42 Herds House, 41.80 Pasture Hill, 41.20 Kettleburn.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Aug 28, 2004
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