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Northern Inc.

Northern Inc.

These business registration listings are not to be relied upon for
legal purposes. The Ontario Gazette is the sole source of published
legal notices under Ontario Company Law Statutes.

Rondeau Anaerobic Inc.
08-08-2000                                   Morpeth

Anegada Yacht Vacation Ltd.
08-15-2000                                Huntsville

Arthur Street Chinese Cafe Inc.
08-15-2000                            Kakabeka Falls

Just Click Inc.
08-18-2000                                   Timmins

Darylnet Inc.
08-23-2000                               Parry Sound

Gibson Timber Products Inc
08-24-2000                                   Timmins

J. Randall Steele Kenozha Bay
Landscaping Limited
08-21-2000                        Township Of Seguin

Jaakco Canada Inc.
08-11-2000                                   Onaping

Larder Consolidated Mines Ltd.
07-26-2000                               Larder Lake

Mamta Enterprises Ltd.
08-22-2000                                   Muskoka

N.P.G. Foods Ltd.
08-21-2000                                 North Bay

Sheery & Sherry Inc.
08-11-2000                                 North Bay

Take A Hike Inc.
08-22-2000                               Thunder Bay

Velocitec Integrated
Communications Inc.
08-15-2000                                   Sudbury

Argyle Trade & Entertainment
08-18-2000                                   Sudbury

Aroma Vita Inc.
08-29-2000                                Chelmsford

Feedstream Inc.
08-18-2000                                   Sudbury

Robert Stoneman And
Trucking Inc.
08-29-2000                               Parry Sound

Barino Developments Limited
08-30-2000                                   Longlac

Canadian Prescription Drugs Inc.
08-25-2000                               Thunder Bay

Jim Lecuyer Trucking Ltd.
08-30-2000                               Iron Bridge

Lakeland Energy Ltd.
09-01-2000                               Bracebridge

Lakeland Holding Ltd.
09-01-2000                               Bracebridge

Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd.
09-01-2000                               Bracebridge

Lambton Holdings Ltd
08-30-2000                                   Sudbury

Logan Motion Ltd.
08-31-2000                                   Orillia

Nortax Accounting Services Inc.
09-01-2000                           Sault Ste Marie

Nortech Enterprises Limited
09-06-2000                               South River

North Bay Centennials Hockey
Club Inc.
08-28-2000                                 North Bay

Northern Vocational Services Inc
08-25-2000                                    Warren

Purple Lantern (2000) Ltd.
08-30-2000                           Sault Ste Marie

Station Mall Market Inc.
08-31-2000                           Sault Ste Marie

Wmi Enterprises Inc.
09-07-2000                                   Mactier

James Bay Holdings Inc.
09-08-2000                                  Moosonee

Cozy Coner Service Inc.
09-01-2000                               Thunder Bay

Diamond Lake Resources Inc.
08-31-2000                               Larder Lake

Lo Greco Robineau Holdings Inc.
09-14-2000                                   Sudbury

Lock-Port Golf Club Inc.
09-15-2000                               Port Severn

Walker Metal Works Ltd.
09-06-2000                                  Coniston

Athlecon Corporation
09-15-2000                                   Sudbury

Bicandpol (Canada) Ltd.
09-07-2000                               Thunder Bay

Colosimo's Of Thunder Bay Inc.
09-15-2000                               Thunder Bay

Daville Auto & Electric Ltd.
09-15-2000                                   Sudbury

Dixon Electric (North Bay)
09-13-2000                                   Sudbury

Dixon Electric (Timmins) Limited
09-13-2000                                   Sudbury

Greenvale Financial Group Inc.
09-11-2000                                   Sudbury

Homeworks North Inc.
09-19-2000                                   Capreol

Horizon Health Care Systems Inc.
09-11-2000                               Elliot Lake

Imcit Consulting Services Inc.
09-15-2000                                 North Bay

Internet Telecom Solutions Inc.
09-14-2000                                   Sudbury

K.P.C. Mechanical Seals &
Grinding Ltd.
09-13-2000                            Kakabeka Falls

Nicole Seguin Petroleum Inc.
09-21-2000                               Thunder Bay

P.D.L. Transport Inc.
09-13-2000                               Thunder Bay

Professional Management And
Advisory Services Inc
09-07-2000                               Thunder Bay

R & A Truck And Trailer
Repair Inc.
09-20-2000                            Iroquois Falls

Superior Shercor Limited
09-12-2000                               Thunder Bay

Trevisanutto's Greenhouses Inc.
09-13-2000                               Thunder Bay

Cinmar Consulting Inc.
09-22-2000                               Thunder Bay

J S Contracting Inc.
09-26-2000                                   Timmins

Mcqueen Lawn Sprinklers Limited
09-22-2000                               Collingwood

Poulter Financial Services Inc.
09-22-2000                               Thunder Bay

Safety And Training
Techniques Ltd.
09-21-2000                                    Hanmer

Smartcanada Automations Inc.
09-27-2000                               Bracebridge

Soo Stevedoring Services Inc.
09-22-2000                           Sault Ste Marie

Su-Vic Enterprises Limited
09-22-2000                                Geraldtown

Thermolith Homes Inc.
09-18-2000                                 North Bay

Data for 2000. Numbered companies are not included.

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