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Northern Illinois University and IBM Create Knowledge Center.

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DEKALB, Ill. &SOMERS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--February 3, 2000

IBM Donates S/390 to Help Meet Growing Demand for IT Skills

Northern Illinois University (NIU) and IBM today announced the donation of an IBM S/390 server to the Department of Computer Science at NIU. The server will be used to educate students in Internet and data center technologies and will serve as a Knowledge Center for S/390 coursework, accessible to faculty at more than 30 other institutions in the United States and abroad.

NIU students will have access to the new S/390 Multiprise 3000 server and related software for classes and laboratory exercises, and NIU faculty will gain a high-powered education research tool. The computer will also serve as a repository of large-systems coursework

-- including course outlines, teaching materials and exams -- to assist educators at other universities in curriculum development. Faculty at such institutions as the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Texas Tech and Rutgers University will have access to the Knowledge Center via a wide area network.

IBM's ongoing effort with NIU and other institutions is designed to increase opportunities for training and education in large system skills. As part of the effort, IBM has established university programs for college students, fostering partnerships between universities and local businesses willing to provide students with real-world experience in using IBM S/390 servers.

With more than 1,000 students, NIU's Department of Computer Science is one of the nation's leading programs, graduating more students with S/390 platform programming skills than any other university in the country. The program's emphasis has created a cadre of large-systems professionals, skilled in leveraging the S/390 platform's e-business strengths.

A real challenge facing businesses today is not only developing Web sites, but also developing and incorporating the technologies that link corporate data centers and networks to the Web and to customers and business partners. These skills are indispensable in the age of the Internet and e-business.

&uot;Companies come from across the country to recruit our

graduates because we focus on teaching real-world, practical

business skills,&uot; said Rodney Angotti, NIU Department of

Computer Science chair. &uot;In today's e-commerce world this

means producing graduates with the ability to handle large

systems like S/390 enterprise servers.&uot;

As part of IBM's university programs, NIU partners with over 150 companies in the region to give students on-the-job experience. The dominance and increasing importance of e-commerce for partner companies such as United Airlines and Nicor has shown the necessity of IT professionals trained in the S/390 platform.

&uot;Northern Illinois University has created a successful

program that is focused on the needs of the current

e-business environment,&uot; said Brenda Zawatski, director of

IBM Enterprise Server Marketing. &uot;Companies are using the

S/390 platform to run entire businesses -- from hosting Web

sites to complex business-to-business integration -- and

they need skilled professionals to implement their

strategies and maintain their competitive edge.&uot;

IBM S/390 servers support the world's most successful businesses and organizations by providing industry-leading levels of scalability, availability and security for large-scale enterprise computing needs. The S/390 platform is a leader in running multiple, diverse, mission-critical workloads and applications, including e-business, financial and administrative, business intelligence and enterprise resource planning.

IBM news releases and fact sheets are available on the World Wide Web at S/390 news releases and fact sheets also are available on and

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Date:Feb 3, 2000
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