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Northeast Coast Sea Turtle Bycatch Awareness, Alternative Livelihood and Energy Promotion Project.

Project Number: TRI/SGP/OP5/Y3/CORE/BD/14/01

Country: Trinidad and tobago

Area Of Work: Biodiversity

Operational Phase: Phase 5

Grant Amount: US$ 149,629.92

Start Date: 1/2014

End Date: 2/2016

Status: Currently under execution

Project Description: The Trinidad East Coast Fishery Bycatch Management, Livelihood Development and Bycatch Reduction Project, initiated by Nature Seekers is a project geared towards reducing the incidental gillnet capture of marine turtles off the north-east coast of Trinidad. The project is a continuation of projects managed by the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST) aimed at achieving the same objective. (See Appendix I-Project Background and Previous Efforts for further Project details). Studies have shown that the use of gill nets by fishermen has resulted in the following key problems: ? Increased Bycatch- Increased unintentional capture of non-target marine species during fishing such as marine turtles ? Overfishing- Exploitation and over exploitation of fish stock Moreover, increased oil and gas exploration and a lack of a robust legislative infrastructure and enforcement activities have exacerbated the problem. In light of the problems outlined above, Nature Seekers, in conjunction with the EMA and WIDECAST, have designed the Trinidad East Coast Fishery Management, Livelihood Development and Bycatch Reduction Project aimed at rehabilitating the sea turtle population on the east coast of Trinidad. (See Appendix II Organizational Background for further details on these project partners).

Project Development

This project was developed with the support of the UNDP Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme planning grant. The project planning involved a series of meetings with the fishers to identify issues related to net fishing and the problem of bycatch. Issues also discussed were related to factors or conditions that facilitated the environment for net fishing. Meetings were also held with Fisheries Division, Turtle Village Trust, The Matura National Park Stakeholders committee and the Institute of Marine Affairs. Due to the size of this project Nature Seekers saw it necessary to split PHASE 1 in two parts to facilitate fund raising. Part 1 Awareness (will be submitted to GEF SGP for funding)

Planning and Implementation

? Stage 1 Pilot Planning ? Stage 2 Tools Development ? Stage 3 Programme Implementation Part 2 Gear Incentive and Business Assessment (will be submitted to Green Fund for Funding) Planning and Implementation ? Stage 1: Pilot Planning ? Stage 2: Pilot Implementation ? Stage 3: Pilot Review and Assessment ? Stage 4: Feasibility Assessment and Business Planning This awareness project is part of a bigger sea turtle bycatch initiative aimed at reducing sea turtle bycatch on the Northeast Coast in the area of Matura to Matelot (M2M). As such this awareness will be implemented in 7 communities and increase public support nationally

country :Trinidad and Tobago

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Apr 4, 2014
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