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North-South Perspectives on Marine Policy.

The potential for conflict and cooperation in marine affairs between and among the developed and developing nations is the general theme for "North-South Perspectives on Marine Policy," edited by Michael A. Morris, professor of Political Science at Clemson University, and published in the Special Studies in Ocean Science and Policy Series by Westview Press, 5500 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301. Marine fisheries development can be vital to less developed island-nations and this volume views aspects of such issues in relation to overall marine policy, which includes sea-bed resources, marine pollution, navigation rights, military policy, and more.

The volume is divided into three parts, with Part I presenting perspectives of developed nations, Part 2 the perspectives of the developing nations, while papers in Part 3 deal with aspects of North-South marine interactions. One paper in part 2, "Optimal Development of Third World Fisheries" by Conner Bailey deals very specifically with marine fisheries matters. Several other contributions include aspects of fisheries in discussions of other marine resources and issues. Major aspects of the contributions are then synthesized in a concluding chapter by the editor. Paperbound, the 267-page volume is available from the publisher for $28.50.

Price Correction for Northwest Coastal Fishes

The price listed ($29.95) for the book "Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest" by Lamb and Edgell, published by Harbour Publishing Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 219, Madeira Park, B.C., Can., VON 2HO in 50(s) was incorrect. The correct price in the United States is $14.95 and in Canada it is $16.95.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1989
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