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North Saskatchewan River eco-recreation guide.

Usually the history of a river forms a contextual backdrop for other, more specific, investigations. However, two historical research projects, both concerned with the history of the North Saskatchewan River itself are nearly completed. The first project, the North Saskatchewan River Eco-recreation Guide, commissioned by the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, will emerge this spring as a small publication aimed at the general public. It explores the entire river through twenty-seven separate reach maps, from the headwaters at the Saskatchewan Glacier in Alberta to the `Forks' in the Province of Saskatchewan. As well as featuring river history, it also highlights significant biological, geological and ecological information.

The enormous amount of historical information, emphasizing human activity along the North Saskatchewan River, inspired another Watershed Alliance project: a river background study. This study will provide foundational information as the first stage in seeking Heritage River designation for the North Saskatchewan River. Both documents contain historical information about the river but the `River Guide' is the one that will have broad public distribution. It features small, but interesting, historical vignettes.

For more information: Billie Milholland, Co-ordinator, North Saskatchewan River Eco-recreation Guide, NSWA 6th floor, Century Place, 9803 102A Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 3A3. 780-496-5577. e-mail:
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Publication:Alberta History
Date:Mar 22, 2002
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