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North MPs are our voices.

The Government is giving us a referendum on whether or not to elect Regional Assemblies. Yet another layer of bureaucracy.

MPs in the North, Mandelson, Joyce Quin, etc, are writing articles in the Press expressing the need for a voice for the North. What on earth do they think we elected them for? Just to draw pounds 50,000 a year, plus expenses? The North needs a voice, they say. They must have had their tongues cut out!

John Prescott is stumping the country, plugging his Regional Assemblies. You can have a referendum on them! Not the Euro, mind. Nor a referendum on whether we go into Europe totally. Politicians are deceitful.

This Government (which means Tony) has devolved Scotland, and Wales followed reluctantly, for the sole purpose of lining them up as European entities. Soon they will be asked to join the European Union. You see, it has nothing to do with a voice in the North etc, it is Tony's sly, underhand way of getting us all into the European Union.

Scotland will then lose its offshore oil revenue, but they don't know it. We shall have to take in another half a million immigrants from Eastern Europe etc. After the way they handled the foot and mouth crisis, I dread to think of the fate of this country.

The courts do not punish our wrongdoers. No discipline in schools. Oh, and the syphilis rate among the young has increased 500pc in the last few years. Kids of 11 can have the morning after pill. Kids of 16 the anti-abortion pill. And the church says nothing!

Parliament is now full of little yes men. Can you imagine a Manny Shinwell or a Konni Zilliacus in Parliament, now? Tony would have apoplexy.

Soon we will be in the hands of the European wide boys. We will have no say. The big bankers and industrialists rule the world anyhow. Tony and Chancellor Brown are just pawns in the game. The big boys have just broken Argentina. Africa is flooded with Aids. We can wave goodbye to Parliamentary democracy. The European Human Rights Bill will kill any justice in England. The Bevans and Churchills must be turning in their graves.

JIM ROSS, Burnside Road, Rowlands Gill.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 24, 2003
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