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North Coast brew given a new label.

The North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, CA, recently announced it has redesigned the label of its Scrimshaw pilsner-style beer in an effort to make the brand stand out among marketplace competitors.

According to North Coast brewer Mark Ruedrich, Scrimshaw is available in 22-oz. bottles throughout California and in 11 other shes.

"This new label does a better job of brand identification and shelf visibility," Ruedrich said. "But we've been really pleased with the sales increase since the [Great American Beer Festival] award."

Scrimshaw, which was first launched in 1988, was awarded the 1992 gold medal in the American Lager/Ale category.
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Title Annotation:North Coast Brewing Co.'s Scrimshaw pilsner
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 15, 1993
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