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North City News: Boulevard to take root; WYLDE GREEN.

SUTTON Coldfield is set for another tree-lined boulevard following a cash injection from Birmingham City Council.

Wylde Green Neighbourhood Forum is celebrating a major tree planting scheme this autumn for the shopping centre.

A set of flowering cherry trees will be placed in the soft verge on Birmingham Road. And a similar arrangement will see a mountain ash plantation within the hard asphalt area running from Domino's Pizzas by the Yenton pub.

Welcoming the decision, forum spokesman and Labour Party campaigner Dr Rob Pocock said: "This is an exciting success and should steadily transform the appearance of the shopping area, creating a real 'boulevard' effect as the trees mature.

"It has been an amazingly difficult job getting this sorted.

"We imagined we would just put in a bid for trees, but instead we found the trees planted in asphalted areas first needed a 'tree pit' to be dug, and the money for these comes from a completely different section of the council than the trees themselves."
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Oct 30, 2006
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