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North Alabama Regional analysis: social & economic characteristics, 1980-2000.

The North Alabama Region has a very mixed economy evidenced by the presence and production of agricultural, industrial, and high-technological goods and services. Northeastern Mississippi, Southern Tennessee, and Northwestern Georgia geographically border the region. This paper analyzes changes in the region's demographic, social, and economic characteristics for three decennial periods (1980, 1990, & 2000). Those changes are then compared to the State of Alabama and the United States. This comparative analysis reveals those areas where the region is ahead and those where the region is behind both the State and the US. The variables compared include population by age & race, employment, income, educational attainment, and industry & agricultural growth characteristics. Data sources used for the analysis were Alabama County Data Books (1984-1997), and the Statistical Abstract of the United States (1992-2001). A twenty-year analysis shows that the North Alabama Region has higher population growth (4.7% greater), comparable median family income (averaged 94.7% of the State MFI), higher labor participation rate (1% greater), lower unemployment rate (0.4% lower), higher per capita income (32.5% greater rate of increase than the State between 1990 and 2000), and higher family poverty rate (1.8% greater) when compared to the State of Alabama. In general, the North Alabama Region performed economically better than the State of Alabama. True socio-economic balance of the North Alabama Region will require rousing exchange and complementation between the demographic, social, and economic growth potential.

Carlos L. Finkley, Department of Community Planning & Urban Studies, Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama 35762. Teshome Gabre, Constance Wilson.
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Title Annotation:Industry and Economics
Author:Finkley, Carlos L.; Gabre, Teshome; Wilson, Constance
Publication:Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1U6AL
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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