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Nortel Networks Announces Next Generation Signaling Product Incorporating Raima Corporation's Database Technology.

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 11, 1998--

-- Raima Database Manager for VxWorks Provided Performance,

Reliability and Small Footprint Needed in Real-time

Telecommunications Device --

Nortel Networks(tm) has announced the general availability of its Broadband STP(tm), a state-of-the-art signaling engine that simplifies telecommunications network management, while delivering the next generation of signaling technology.

In order to build high-performance data access and management into the BroadBand STP, Nortel Networks relied on Raima Corporation's RDM/Vx database running on Wind River Systems VxWorks operating system -- an increasingly popular combination for real-time applications with demanding data management needs.

The BroadBand STP is designed to meet stringent standards for mission-critical reliability. Industry standards specify a 99.999% reliability design objective, equating to less than three minutes of downtime per system per year. In order to meet the BroadBand STP's specifications, a high performance, reliable, and scalable data management system was required. Raima Database Manager for VxWorks (RDM/Vx) system is used in two critical areas: system configuration data management and system operational measurement data management.

"Several requirements needed to be met, including support for high speed searching, reading, and writing, multi-task data access, data verification, conversion, backup, and recovery," said Bruce McClelland, Nortel Networks Senior Product Development Manager. "Building on top of the RDM/Vx feature set, the BroadBand STP provides all these capabilities."

Fault detection and recovery was a key reason for selecting RDM/Vx, McClelland said. The ability to detect errors due to system failures and to guarantee automatic recovery to a known state are critical, and RDM/Vx provided such capabilities through its customizable error handler and its autorecovery feature.

The small RAM and disk storage requirements of RDM/Vx were additional benefits, McClelland said. Raima also provided on-going technical support to ensure successful integration of the database into the BroadBand STP product, according to McClelland.

Raima Database Manager

The result of 15 years of high-performance embedded database engineering, RDM/Vx consists of a compact embedded database engine along with a set of development utilities and a comprehensive library of low-level C functions for complete database manipulation and control.

Raima Database Manager is uniquely embeddable and customizable. In addition to supporting the relational database model, Raima enables developers to implement features of the direct, pointer-based network model, and combined designs that include aspects of both models. The combined model supports more complex database designs and faster, more efficient database applications.

Raima Database Manager is offered on Windows 3.1/95/NT, DOS, Netware, on all major flavors of UNIX, and on real-time and embedded operating systems including VxWorks, QNX, Windows CE and others. Source code is available, so developers can port RDM to additional operating systems.

Nortel Networks BroadBand STP

The BroadBand STP is the newest member of Nortel Networks' signaling portfolio, and the first to implement the Signaling Server(tm) platform -- a scalable, fault-tolerant computing engine with the smallest footprint in the industry. The BroadBand STP's Signaling Server platform is designed around a dual ATM backplane, ideal for message-based applications involving real-time routing, data conversion, and information retrieval. The redundant, distributed processing environment, utilizing industry standard PowerPC CPUs, increases reliability and message throughput, while providing a flexible platform for future network requirements.

Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks works with customers worldwide to design, build, and deliver telecommunications and IP-optimized networks. Customers include public and private enterprises and institutions; Internet service providers; local, long-distance, cellular and PCS communications companies, cable television carriers, and utilities.

Nortel Networks' common shares are listed on the New York, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and London stock exchanges. Nortel had 1997 revenues of US$15.5 billion and Bay Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nortel, had revenues of US$2.4 billion during its most recent fiscal year. The combined company's workforce totals approximately 80,000 employees worldwide.

Raima Corporation

Raima Corporation, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, provides the embedded database technology that is built into thousands of leading applications. In addition to Raima Database Manager, Raima also produces Velocis(tm) Database Server, a SQL client/server, database engine; Raima Object Manager(tm), a class library that encapsulates object storage, retrieval and database navigation in C++ classes, providing an object-oriented interface to Raima databases; Raima Report Writer, a database reporting and analysis tool; and consulting, training and other professional services through its Vista Development Corporation subsidiary. For more information on Raima, call 800/327-2462 (206/515-9477 internationally) or visit its Web site at

Nortel Networks, BroadBand STP, and Signaling Server are trademarks of Northern Telecom.


The Role Of Signaling In Telecommunications

Today's telecommunications networks utilize an international signaling protocol, called Signaling System 7 (SS7), specifically designed to implement intelligent network services (such as Calling Name Delivery, 1-800 service, Number Portability). SS7 delivers services faster and more efficiently by using an "out-of-band" signaling channel that separates call control information (call set-up, routing, database translation) from the actual voice path.

The Signal Transfer Point (STP) is the heart of the SS7 network, serving as a centralized messaging hub, that controls the flow of network messaging traffic to and from other network nodes. As the demands for intelligent services continue to increase, carriers are seeking cost-effective signaling platforms that deliver carrier-class reliability, while adding value and flexibility to existing network topologies.
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