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Norman Podhoretz's Valentine to Himself.

This month, The New York Review of Books is reissuing Making It, by former Commentary Editor Norman Podhoretz, as part of its Classics series. When the memoir first came out, 50 years ago, it wasn't instantly recognized as a future classic. Quite the opposite. It was panned by almost every magazine and journal of note, including Partisan Review, Esquire, The New Republic, and the New York Review of Books itself, whose critic called it "lifeless" and "impersonal."

In this essay, adapted from Exit Right: The People Who Left the Left and Reshaped the American Century, Daniel Oppenheimer looks at the genesis of Making It, and traces how its reception would end up playing a key role in Podhoretz's metamorphosis from left-liberal intellectual to founding father of neo-conservatism.

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Author:Oppenheimer, Daniel
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Feb 15, 2017
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