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Norfolk, Bobby. Eye to the Sky: Storytelling on the Edge of Magic.

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Norfolk, Bobby. Eye to the Sky: Storytelling on the Edge of Magic. Parkhurst Brothers, 2016. 224p. $14.95 Oversize pb. 978-162491-047-0.

Born in 1958, Bobby Norfolk grew up a pretty normal kid in St. Louis, Missouri. A self-professed "solitary child," he spent much of his time reading comic books, idolizing his big brother, and observing the world with his inventive imagination. Through the late 1960s, he watched as black role models disappeared from the American scene, and attempted, in the young adult years of his life, to find a role as an African-American male in an evolving society. Throughout, stories remained present in his life, and he eventually found in them the ability to make a career and a life worth living through the spoken word--on television and on the world storytelling circuit. While there are moments of trial in this memoir, Norfolk's tone is consistently nostalgic and he repeatedly focuses on the empowering moments in life.

If ever there were a book that should be judged by its cover, Eye to the Sky is it. From the portrait of Norfolk staring, smiling at the reader on the cover to the last word, this is a warm, inviting, and honest memoir. Norfolk looks out at readers, and writes to readers, like an old friend, and relates stories to read out loud among family and friends. Lovers of storytelling, fans of Norfolk, and those who grew up in the 1960s and 70s will find something to enjoy in the familiar settings and backdrops of this era.--Jim Nicosia.

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Author:Nicosia, Jim
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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