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Nordloh Industries LLC.

Nordloh Industries LLC offers the AutoBlanket[R] erosion control system that is said to efficiently roll out and staple Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) to the ground. The system will facilitate compliance with laws and regulations in an effective and efficient manner. Many erosion control specialists, landscapers, municipalities, utility contractors and excavators do not have the labor required to install large quantities of ECB adequately and effectively. The new system attaches to a tractor or skid loader, automatically rolls out ECB, and staples it to the ground. The system is said to lower the labor requirement for ECB installation, reduce installed costs and expand the market for ECBS. Tom Nordlon, 262-925-8305,

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Title Annotation:What's New In ... Leak Detection, Monitoring, Inspection And Erosion Control
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Aug 1, 2008
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